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The Best Portable Cooking Stoves as of 2019

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Summer’s already here, and what better way to spend summer than going camping. For some, camping is the time where they could sit together around a big bonfire and tell stories. For others, it’s a time where they get to enjoy good food while enjoying the great outdoors.

If you’re going to do some cooking outdoors, you will need the right equipment. Whether you’re cooking for your family or for a large group of friends, there’s a perfect portable cooking stove for your needs or situation. Here are the best portable cooking stoves as of 2019:

Camp Chef Everest (Overall best)

This stove is considered to be the overall best portable cooking stove in 2019 since it received lots of excellent feedback from campers. Camp Chef Everest was able to amaze all of them with its unparalleled performance, accessibility, and overall worth.

Camp Chef Everest

Camp Chef Everest may be compact in size, but it is equipped with two powerful 20,000 BTU burners that can accommodate all kinds of cooking needs when camping outdoors. It also has a unique ignition system – All you need to do in order to start the stove is to push a button. It is a quality portable cooking stove that is both efficient and time-saving.

Gas One GS-3000 (Most budget-friendly)

This stove is arguably one of the portable cooking stoves today that offers great value at an affordable price. In fact, it is considered to be the most budget-friendly portable cooking stove in 2019.

Gas One GS-3000

The Gas One GS-3000 is a compact stove that is perfect for individuals or couples who want to cook and enjoy a nice dinner outdoors. It is a powerful portable stove that is not only compact and portable but also lightweight. In addition, this compact stove is super easy to set up that comes with a built-in Piezo electric starter and a convenient carrying case, which makes it easy to pack and transport.

Camp Chef YK60LW Yukon Two Burner Range Camp Stove (Best standing stove)

If you aren’t used to cooking by using a portable cooking stove or if you’d rather stand while cooking, then Camp Chef’s Yukon Two-burner Range Camp Stove is the perfect choice for you – Not only is it compact and portable, but it also has legs to help it stand.


The legs on Camp Chef’s Yukon Two-burner Range Camp Stove can easily be removed, so it’s quite easy to transport. It is also pretty durable and accessible to anyone as it features a three-sided windscreen that aids in protecting the flame from the wind.

Ohuhu Steel Backpacking Stove (Most suitable for backpacking)

This high-quality stove is perfect for people who want to bring their camping gear inside their backpack, like literally. The Ohuhu Steel Backpacking Stove is lightweight and can easily be collapsed, which makes it pretty easy to pack and transport and makes it ideal for backpackers.

The Ohuhu Steel Backpacking Stove is made with sturdy, high-quality steel and is so durable that it can handle heavy pans or pots. Plus, it is also very environmental-friendly since it uses wood, sticks, and even leaves as fuel. This amazing backpacking stove is also quite sturdy since it has a three-arm base support system to keep it from falling, even through rough winds.

Camp Chef Ranger III Triple Burner Table Top Camp Stove (Most suitable for large groups)

When cooking for a large group of people, you are going to need extra burners. Now, Camp Chef Ranger III Triple Burner Table Top Camp Stove can provide that something extra for you. It comes with three cast aluminium burners that amount to 51,000 BTU.

You might think that a cooking stove having an extra burner and surface means that it isn’t portable. However, that is not the case with Camp Chef’s Yukon Two-burner Range Camp Stove. It has a sleek yet lightweight design that makes it pretty easy to pack and transport. It also comes with heat-control dials and matchless ignition for your convenience.