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10 Essential Clothing for Your Winter Vacation

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10 Essential Clothing for Your Winter Vacation

While some people love summer and the sweltering heat that comes with it, I love winter and the freezing cold. If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably always fantasizing about snow.

If you’re living in a tropical country, then you might want to go to a country where the temperature drops really low during winter. Incidentally, if you’re keen on going, you would want to dress right and avoid freezing your ass off. The key here is proper layering. So, do you really know what clothes would fit the occasion?

Whether you’ve already made plans on having your very own winter adventure or not, I have a list of clothing that you will need for your winter vacation. Here they are from top to bottom:


The ears are one of the body parts that are usually sensitive to cold temperature. When your ears are exposed to too much cold, it can cause the temperature of the rest of your body parts to drop. So, it is extremely important that you keep them covered.

If you’re going to buy a good winter hat, you should consider four things. First, it should cover both of your ears well. Second, it should also cover your nape. Third, it should have no unnecessary add-ons. And lastly, it should stay on your head even through strong blasts of wind.


If you’re looking for a fashionable accessory that can keep you warm, then it’s definitely a scarf. Scarves are multipurpose as well as stylish. It’s a very versatile piece of accessory. You can wrap it around your neck or shoulders, or you can also use it as a blanket – Of course, only if it’s big enough.

Base Layers

Base Layers are basically your foundation for warmth. They regulate temperature and provide light insulation. For this purpose, base layers that are made of merino wool are highly recommended.

Not only does merino wool keep you nice and warm when you’re out in the cold, but it also keeps you cool and dry when you’re indoors. Also, it’s a material that is naturally antibacterial, which means you can keep wearing it for days without smelling bad.


Sweaters are always nice and comfy to wear in cold weather. Whether it’s a timeless cardigan or a warm pullover, bring along a few knitted ones on your winter vacation.

Down Jacket

A packable down jacket is always recommended on a winter vacation. They come in handy when the temperature gets really low and you need that extra layer of warmth.

There are down jackets that are lightweight and obviously travel-friendly; there are also down jackets that are hardwearing, usually made of wool, usually worn on super cold weather. Pack at least one of these two for your winter adventure.


Your coat is probably the most important thing that you’ll be bringing on your winter adventure. I recommend investing in a coat that is made up of real wool. Not only is it great for keeping you warm, but it’s also lightweight and durable.


Like your ears, your fingers also get pretty cold easily. You should avoid getting frostbite by always wearing a pair of gloves, especially when you go out.

When picking out gloves, choose something that is weatherproof, breathable, incredibly light and portable, able to dry quickly, and have a pretty good grip.


You really can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans. On your upcoming winter vacation, wear a great pair of travel jeans. There are some travel jeans that offer six pockets, with two of them zipped and out of sight from pickpockets.

Grab a pair or two of these and wear them on top of your wool leggings in order to keep yourself from freezing.


When you travel, it’s usually your feet that end up taking a lot of beating. So, whenever you travel, make sure to always keep them warm and comfortable by wearing the right pair of socks.

If you still don’t have them, then you should buy anti-microbial, anti-blister, anti-rubbing, and moisture-wicking socks. Trust me, it’s a worthy investment. Alternatively, you can also bring breathable wool socks.


You’re going to be walking around in the snow a lot, so it’s crucial that you wear the right kind of shoes. On this occasion, a decent pair of boots is highly recommended.

To help you pick out good winter boots, here are some important guidelines. First, they need to be weatherproof. Second, boots with no lace are preferred. Lastly, they need to be dark colored. You’re going to walk a lot, so your boots will inevitably get water stains, mud stains, and many other stains. For that reason, you need to avoid light-colored boots.

These are all the essentials when it comes to dressing for a winter vacation. If you’re still having difficulties choosing what to wear or bring, then choose clothes made up of material that is comfy, breathable, lightweight, and durable. You can never go wrong with that in mind.