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10 Makeup Essentials that Every Girl Should Own

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10 Makeup Essentials that Every Girl Should Own

For every girl, it is important to always look her best. Being beautiful gives her power, boosts her self-confidence, and gives her the courage to do the things that she wants to do. One way that she could do that is to put on makeup.

If you’re new to this, you’ll probably get overwhelmed with the countless types and brands of makeup available in the market. You’ll be happy to learn that you don’t need to buy all those products. There are only 10 makeup products that you should own. Here they are in no particular order:

Eyeshadow Palette

The eyes are one of the most noticeable features of a person’s face. Wearing eye shadow not only can draw attention to your eyes, but it can also make them look more attractive by making them appear larger or adding depth and dimension to them.

Oil Blotting Powder

One of the problems that girls face is having oily skin. Applying oil blotting powder can help with that problem since it effectively reduces the oil in your face as well as making your makeup stay longer.


Whether you have eye bags, pimples, or any other blemishes, a concealer can definitely help cover it up. If you are prone to having pimples, you can choose a concealer with ingredients that have zit-fighting capabilities such as salicylic acid.

Natural Mascara

Mascara can help open up your eyes and make them look fresh. However, you should avoid using it every day. Although mascara is undeniably one of the essential makeup products that every girl should own, it isn’t advisable to use it every day since it could cause adverse effects. For this reason, you can opt for natural mascara instead of regular mascara.

Tinted Lip Gloss

If you want to make your lips look nice and plump, as well as ensure that the color stays longer, then you should use tinted lip gloss. Be sure to check out the ingredients for ones that can moisturize your lips so as to prevent chapped lips.


There’s something about rosy cheeks that just look so alluring. In order to achieve that look, a little hint of blush is all you need. Not only does it brighten and highlight your facial feature, but it also gives you that beautiful warm glow on your cheeks.

Lip & Cheek Tint

If you’re always on the go and don’t have that much time to put on your makeup, then the lip and cheek tint is the perfect solution. You get two things done using just one product. You only need to apply it over your lips or cheeks and then blend it to add color to your face.

BB Cream

This is perhaps the most important makeup product for every girl. There is a reason why people consider BB Cream as the best multi-tasking makeup. It functions as a foundation, primer, moisturizer, and even as a sunblock.

Brow Pencil

While your eyes are one of the most noticeable features on your face, it is your eyebrows that actually accentuate them further. What can make your eyebrows look more attractive than having the perfect shape and thickness? You don’t have to look far. All you need is a good brow pencil.


A sponge can actually make a lot of difference to your makeup. Using a sponge can make it look flawless as well as provide you with great coverage. This is definitely one of the makeup must-haves for every girl.

There are a lot of cosmetic products available in the market today. Now that you know which makeup products are essential, you can easily narrow them down. Choose products that are versatile and comfortable to use.