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3 Simple Mindful Exercises for stress relief

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3 Simple Mindful Exercises for stress relief

In this work and the stress-driven world of 2019, we can easily see how our mind is constantly being strained. No wonder we oftentimes find our thoughts scattered and our emotions unstable. Not only do we feel highly strung, but we also feel anxious most of the time.

Since we are mostly driven by work, we often fail to sit down and enjoy everything within our line of sight. At least five minutes per day would be enough, but I guess that’s too much to ask for our work-obsessed youth.

In order to maintain our well-being, we would need to take a couple of minutes to meditate, or even just have a couple of minutes of silence, to achieve that positive mind and body balance to relieve from the stress. Even if you’re busy with everything, you can surely do these simple mindful exercises so you can clear your mind and find that calm amidst your busy day. Now, here are six exercises that you can do – which would require minimal effort, by the way – anytime:

Mindful Breathing

The first exercise you should start with is mindful breathing. You can start by either standing up or sitting down, depending on which position you’re more comfortable with. While you’re in position, try to be as still a possible and just focus on your breathing for at least one minute. Then, slowly breathe in and out. Remember that one breath cycle should take at least 6 seconds each.

When breathing in, breathe through your nose. Then, let the air out through your mouth as you breathe out. Ensure that your breath is flowing in and out of your body naturally. Now, let go of any thoughts you have. Just let your thoughts float on their own and just focus on your breathing. Feel the air pass through your nose and fill your lungs until it slowly works its way out of your mouth.

Mindful Observation

After mindful breathing, mindful observation comes next, which is a simple albeit powerful exercise that can help you discern and take in – Not to mention appreciate – simple things in your surroundings and environment.

Doing this exercise can help you connect with nature and the beauty that it brings to the world. This might sound easy, but nothing’s harder than to stop and smell the roses when you’re too busy with work or rushing around in the car. Try to focus on an object – It could be an insect, a plant, a tree, or a flower – and just look at it without doing anything else. You can simply lay back and watch it for some time. Doing this exercise will help you out from stress and connect to the object that you’re observing earlier and allow you to better understand it.

Mindful Awareness

Now that we’ve finished with mindful breathing and observation, next we’ll discuss mindful awareness. This third exercise basically aims to cultivate an enhanced awareness and appreciation of the simple things in life.

Imagine something or someone that you come across with every day. Think about how you take that something or someone for granted. Imagining and thinking about that and fully understanding the facts is like opening a window or door. You’re becoming more aware of the things that you need to pay more attention to.

After trying all these mindful exercises, you may stop and take a breather. Now, try to observe your thoughts and feelings. Try to recognize how your mind and body reacts to these exercises and relish in the experience.