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4 Trending Destinations in the World in 2019

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4 Trending Destinations in the World in 2019

Although the first quarter of 2019 is nearing its end, it’s never too late to start planning your vacation trips this year. There are several trending destinations for 2019. So, if you’re unsure where you want to go, then let me give you an idea.

Below are 5 of the best trending destinations in the world in 2019:


2019 is a special year for Germany. This year marks the 30 years ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall. So, the city is celebrating through a number of events such as exhibits and performances. What’s more, 2019 also sees the Bauhaus modern design movement’s 100th anniversary and the opening of Futurium, a museum and idea lab located in the heart of the city of Berlin.

If you need more reason to go and visit Germany, there are also the recently restored Old Town in Frankfurt and the new opera house in Hamburg, which have both gained international fame. On top of that, there is a long lineup of concerts in Augsburg to look out for in May.

Discover more about Germany by going to the Berlin Wall Memorial or by walking the footpath by the wall, which was once patrolled by guards. If you’re looking for a good place to stay, then go to Berlin’s famous Hotel Adlon Kempinski, which is pretty convenient since it’s near the top tourist spots in the city.

Bacalar, Mexico

The town of Bacalar is found on the southeastern side of Mexico and is well-known for its Laguna de Bacalar, also called Lake of Seven Colors because of its blue, turquoise, and indigo hues. Along the border of the lake, you can see mangroves and little fishermen’s houses.

Back in 2018, Bacalar was tipped to become the next Maldives, as a place to go to. Going back to Laguna de Bacalar, it is the perfect spot to swim, kayak, scuba dive, or snorkel. Plus, you can sample fresh and local seafood.

Palomino, Colombia

Being a beachside town along the Caribbean coast, Palomino is the perfect place for a relaxing tropical getaway due to its paradisiacal beaches and wonderful, candlelit restaurants.

Spend your day swimming at the beach, sunbathing, or even surfing. If you want to rest, there are a couple of cabins that you can stay just 20 steps from the sea. During the evening, experience a fantastic dinner of freshly-caught fish at an open-air restaurant set with live music and candle lights.

If you’re looking for a good hotel, you can find one just about five minutes away from the beach. Casa del Pavo Real Boutique Hostel offers great accommodation with a garden, pool, restaurant, as well as a terrace.

Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Nusa Penida is located southeast of Bali. It is an island that can provide you that exotic escape that you’re craving for this 2019. Go to Kelingking beach and climb down the steep path that leads to a beautiful beach, which is considered to be one of the most celebrated places on the island.

Explore and admire everything you can see on the beach, from the sea cliffs to the breathtaking aquamarine water and from the shiny white sand to the sturdy palm trees. Just like other trending destinations in the world, Nusa Penida is equally Instagram-worthy. It is basically an undiscovered gem.

Other great places to visit in Nusa Penida are the eye-catching Crystal Bay, the untouched Giri Putri Cave, and the cool Angel’s Billabong, which is a natural infinity pool.