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5 Advantages Of Installing The Epoxy Resin Flooring

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5 Advantages Of Installing The Epoxy Resin Flooring

Whether you are planning to renovate the old flooring or seal the existing concrete flooring, epoxy resin flooring is the ultimate choice for transforming the space and fortification of the subfloor. You will be surprised to find how the coating can effectively preserve the concrete surface against all the harsh impacts. And the glossy finish imparts just the perfect aesthetic.

Perfect Flooring Solution

The flooring of the residential or commercial property is one the most important but often ignored element. Even if you consider the industrial setup, you need flooring with aesthetic appeal, resistance to wear and tear due to heavy traffic, and still improve the productivity of the daily tasks. The incredible epoxy resin flooring is now a popular choice for most industries as well as commercial and residential setups for numerous factors.

1. Durability

When you invest a good amount of money in the installation of the flooring, the last thing you want is to repair the flooring within a year or even less. One of the features of the epoxy flooring that you will love is the durability of the material. It can easily endure wear and tear owing to strenuous activities. The epoxy resin flooring is tougher than any other traditional flooring and will last longer.

  • It won’t show cracks or chips easily, unlike the concrete floors. So you won’t have to worry about breaking the floor if you accidentally drop a heavy tool.
  • If there is high human traffic, the floor coating will easily be able to withstand it. 

2. Easy maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of the epoxy flooring are easier. It has a glossy finish due to the presence of resin, and it is possible to mop off the liquid spills easily. 

  • So you can minimize the continuous tension about the unsightly blotches resulting from sudden liquid spills. 
  • The seamless texture of the floor makes it difficult for the bacteria and molds to grow. There are no available cracks and crevices for the growth of the bacterial colonies. So the epoxy resin flooring will always be more hygienic and free from allergens. 

3. The impressive and unique structure

If you are planning to add some extra aesthetic value to space, the epoxy floor coating is the ideal solution. You will be overwhelmed to see the multitude of finishing options available in this flooring, like the polished concrete, flake, or metallic.

  • For sophistication and elegant styling, the epoxy flooring with polished concrete finishing will look just perfect.
  • For decorative floors, you can choose a color that complements the interior décor. 

4. An economic option

Cost is always a vital factor to consider while planning the installation of new flooring. Fortunately, the epoxy resin flooring is far less expensive than the traditional vinyl or hardwood flooring

  • The initial installation cost is lower. 
  • Minimum maintenance is required, which will reduce the maintenance cost. 
  • Need to repair may arise many years later and that too wouldn’t be significant.

5. Slip resistance

How often do you see employees slip and fall on the industrial flooring while rushing from one department to another during full-fledged production time? How much money have you paid to the workers as compensation for injuries due to slip and fall? 

It is time to stop the recurring expenditure with epoxy resin flooring that is slip-resistant. It is also good for your residential apartment, commercial space, or industries to ensure the safety of all. Search the web for the best epoxy resin contractors and shortlist a few based on reviews. Next, collect quotations from the best ones and start planning the renovation.