5 Benefits of Taking a Party Bus to a Wine Tour

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5 Benefits of Taking a Party Bus to a Wine Tour

Wineries, cellars, a trip to the countryside! Nothing beats taking time off of work and other daily obligations to go out of town with your friends on a wine tour

While there are many ways to do this, party buses have become a favorite with many New Jersey residents for several reasons.

Read on to discover more on why wine tours and party buses go hand in hand. 

Why Rent A Party Bus When Going on a Wine Tour? 

Whether traveling with five or twenty people, a party bus provides a stylish way to go on a wine tour, ensuring you get to travel comfortably while enjoying a first-class experience.

Other reasons for choosing a party bus include:

1. Safety 

Safety is one of the things that any person or group planning on going on a wine tour needs to consider, mainly because no one will want to drive while intoxicated. 

Given that nobody wants to miss out on the beverages, it makes more sense to hire a party bus, which will help you eliminate all these concerns.

The bus comes with a professional driver who knows the New Jersey area like the back of their hands. Their presence should provide you with peace of mind during the duration of the tour.

2. Flexibility

One thing you’ll note when researching party buses in New Jersey is the flexibility offered by the service providers. 

Companies offer varying pick-up and drop-off times, ensuring every person in the group will have a great time during the tour. 

It’s recommended to communicate with the driver beforehand to assure timeliness, even though there are facilities that operate around the clock. 

3. Comfort

Tours are supposed to be fun. Traveling in a small, compact car is no way to go on a wine tour, especially for the first time. 

Party buses, unlike sedans, offer lots of space for all the travelers and may include extra room for those who would like to dance along the way. 

Most buses have bespoke vibes that allow travelers access to user-friendly controls, guaranteeing an unforgettable wine tour/tasting experience.

Plus, who wouldn’t like to arrive at their destination in a stylish ride?

4. You Get to Stay Together

Traveling in large groups is always problematic as it’s easy for people to get separated. When traveling in a party bus, you’re assured that the entire group will remain in close contact.

Using more than one car to visit a winery means that all parties will arrive at different times. It’s something that can easily cause frustration, especially if it’s a family outing. 

With a party bus, you’re sure that you’ll all arrive safely and together.

5. Entertainment

There’s a reason these shuttles are called “party buses.” Anyone who has used one in the past knows that fun doesn’t stop, even when changing locations.

Modern party buses feature LED lights, large bar areas, flat-screen TV screens, and a one-of-a-kind music system. They’re features that will help you keep the party going. 


Although taking a party bus to a wine tour may seem unorthodox, there’re plenty of benefits to look forward to when using one. Most importantly, you’re assured that everyone in your party will have a great time and will arrive home safe and sound.