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5 Fashion Essentials for Traveling the World

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5 Fashion Essentials for Traveling the World

Every seasoned traveler knows that the first real adventure of a trip is the packing process. The art of packing has been tried by many, but only mastered by a few — and their secret? When it comes to filling up your suitcase, you should stick to fashion essentials for your travels. Your rule of thumb should be to select pieces that balance style and comfort. That said, here are five fashion essentials that will surely make your travels much smoother:

1. Neutral T-Shirts

Having items that work well with multiple outfits is extremely helpful for your trips as they’ll make both planning and packing your clothes a much lighter task. This is why basic t-shirts shouldn’t be underestimated, as a relaxed fit and neat look will go a long way in providing you a casual elegance wherever you’re flying to.

You should also stock up on neutral colors like white, black, beige, and gray, as they’re easy to mix and match with other pieces. A true style staple, you can either wear it with just jeans or add a few accessories to elevate your look. Perhaps, some trinkets you’ll find on your trip?

2. Black Leggings

Jeans can be rather bulky, and loading your suitcase with three or four them will leave little room in your luggage for your other clothes. Thankfully, you have a lighter and more comfortable option in the form of black leggings. Apart from being a delight to wear, their classic and slim-fitting design is so versatile that leggings can be worn with a variety of different outfits during your trip. You can incorporate these sleek bottoms into your travel wardrobe through these Atmosphere Leggings from Aritzia.

3. Comfortable Shoes

No matter the destination, you’re bound to do a lot of walking. And whether it’s navigating through the airport terminals or simply spending the day outside sight-seeing during your trip, be sure to pack at least one proper pair of comfortable yet chic sneakers. As we’ve previously shared in ‘Taking Care of Your Feet When You’re Traveling’, you can’t go wrong with picking a pair of the major fashion essentials that provide the right amount of support for your arch, and space for your toes.

4. Lightweight Jackets

Layering is such an important aspect of your travel wardrobe. With the cold temperatures inside planes and the unexpected weather changes that can happen during a trip, you’ll need to pack some trusty jackets that you can easily mix and match with everything you’re bringing along on your trip. This lightweight hooded jacket on Woman Within is made from cotton that can keep you warm on chilly evenings, complete with handy pockets for your phone, train tickets, and small souvenirs you pick up along the way. Not only will it protect you from the occasional chill, but it will also help you feel comfy wherever you find yourself.

5. A Scarf

Whether you’re off to a beautiful beach vacation or headed to a winter wonderland, a scarf is a simple yet impactful style staple you should invest in. If your destination is tropical, then they can serve as a stylish cover-up against harmful UV rays. But if you’re traveling somewhere cold, then a warm scarf will help you protect yourself from the frigid cold air.

Wherever your getaway is, a scarf can do wonders for both functionality and fashion, as its styling options are practically endless. In this regard, the long length and nude color of Seya’s silk scarf featured by New York Magazine will help you embrace the easy-going elegance of this accessory. Plus, it can provide some additional neck comfort during long plane rides.