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5 Festival Beauty and Cosmetic Essentials You Need To Pack

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5 Festival Beauty and Cosmetic Essentials You Need To Pack

When you are heading to a festival, it always turns out to be the same situation. You carefully plan your outfits and looks for the weekend, but by the second day, there is often no amount of highlighter which will hide the way you feel. Preparing and planning are essential and there are a few beauty and cosmetic essentials which you should take with you which will completely transform the way that you approach festival beauty. Multitasking is key, so instead of bringing multiple items, bring items which can double up for multiple uses and is less likely to take up room in your tent. 

Stick With A Light And Dewy Base

When attending a festival, a pared-back beauty routine is essential. A light and breathable base are ideal for a festival, especially after only a few hours sleep and before a day of dancing. Ideally, you should choose one which has extra SPF for extra sun protection. The creamy formula is best, especially if it emits a natural and youthful glow and, even better, you can apply it with your fingertips and it will still look fabulous! 

Keep Lips Low Maintenance 

To protect your lips, be sure to pack a moisturizing lip balm which not only looks after your lips but gives them a nice touch of color.  Another positive is that you don’t need a mirror to apply lip balm so it is easy to keep on reapplying during the day. If you want a deeper or more vibrant color, then you could also use a cream blush as a base and then secure with lip balm over the top. 

Keep Your Lashes Festival-Proof

If you want to keep your lashes looking perfect from the opening set right to the headline act, then you are best investing in a silicone-based mascara. Regular and waterproof mascara formulas still have the tendency to run and are especially difficult to remove at the end of the day. A silicone-based formula will ensure that your mascara doesn’t run or smudge during the day and can be easily removed with an oil-based makeup remover at the end of the day. 

Use Some Shimmer

Whilst most makeup tends to get stripped back at a festival, one beauty product which definitely looks good in excess is glitter. It’s always fun to add some festival glitter makeup to your look and it can be really easy to add to your look. A simple sweep of glitter along your cheekbones is a great look, or if your hair is in desperate need of a wash but you don’t want to use the dreaded festival showers, then a glitter parting will hide greasy roots. 

Quick Removal

You need to look after your skin whilst you are at a festival, otherwise, you may be dealing with problem skin for weeks afterward. One of the most important steps is removing all of your makeup at the end of the day. Wet wipes are a festival must-have and they are also the easiest way to remove the majority of your makeup at the end of the day. Try to find ones which don’t contain alcohol as these will dry out your skin, which may be sensitive already from sun-exposure. If wet wipes aren’t your thing, then you could always bring a bottle of micellar water and cotton wool, which does the same job and will easily remove eye-makeup.