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5 Smart Tips to Improve Your Memory in 2019

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5 Smart Tips to Improve Your Memory in 2019

As we get older, some of us experience forms of memory loss. Although it’s considered to be a normal part of aging, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t have to do something about it. We can find ways to slow it down. In addition, we should also improve our memory while we’re at it.

Now, recalling some things is pretty easy when your memory has been strengthened over time. According to studies, when we go through the same pattern of brain activity constantly, it makes our memory a little better over time. So, here are some ways that you can improve your memory in 2019:

Try meditating to improve your memory – Your working memory

For those who don’t have an idea of what working memory is, it’s that part of the brain that is responsible for storing data or information temporarily. This information can be someone’s address, a new acquaintance’s name, or even a simple street name. When you learn something new, it is immediately stored in your working memory where they will eventually get discarded once they are no longer useful.

In order to improve your working memory, one thing that you can do is to meditate by yourself. You can try yoga or simple meditation. With the power of meditation to help you concentrate, your brain can focus more and will improve over time.

Drink caffeine to improve memory retention and consolidation

Researchers have found that there is a significant effect on memory consolidation and retention when a person consumes caffeine right after a learning task. The resulting improved memory can actually last for up to 24 hours.

Based on a study, which involves subjects drinking coffee right after memorizing a set of pictures and then guessing which pictures are the ones that were previously shown to them, caffeine can have an astounding effect on memory consolidation and retention. Subjects were able to remember better when they were able to drink caffeine right after the learning task compared to those who were not able to.

Consume berries for improved long-term memory

According to experts, eating berries can actually aid in improving long-term memory and preventing the decline of same. In fact, in one study from the Peninsula Medical School and the University of Reading, including berries in your diet for at least 12 weeks can improve your ability to do spatial memory problems and tasks.

Of course, more research is definitely needed with regards to this matter, but experts are saying that they are getting closer to knowing how it actually works.

Enhance your spatial memory by exercising daily

It has already been established that exercise can help to make you feel happy and healthy; however, did you know that exercising daily can also help to improve your memory? In one study, it has been shown that being fit and doing regular exercise can improve a person’s spatial memory.

Engage in regular exercise and see how your cognitive abilities improve over time. Go ahead and take that walk.

Get enough sleep for better memory consolidation

According to researchers, getting enough sleep is one factor that affects memory consolidation. It is when we sleep that majority of our memory consolidates. So, it’s only natural to think that getting enough sleep would help you have a better memory consolidation.

Strive to get plenty of sleep during the evening. During the afternoon, it would even be better if you could take a short nap so as to refresh your brain and boost your memory recall.

There are a lot of other ways you could improve your memory. You can try supplements, maintain a healthy lifestyle, drink less alcoholic drinks, or adding cocoa to your diet. However, the bottom line here is that you find fun ways to do that. Most importantly, invest in activities or routines that you like that would be beneficial for both your body and mind.