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6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Coffee

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6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Drinking Coffee

A lot of people, including me, love and enjoy drinking coffee. However, do you really know what happens when you drink it? Here, I’ll tell you.

10 minutes after drinking coffee, caffeine enters the bloodstream, and blood pressure, as well as heart rate, starts to increase. 10 minutes after that, concentration and alertness levels begin to improve. Then, increased motor neuron efficiency kicks in after 10 more minutes, which means athletic ability is significantly improved. Finally, within 12 hours, the body goes back to normal functions and starts to get withdrawal symptoms after 12 more hours when the body doesn’t consume more caffeine.

So, yeah, you may think that drinking coffee gives you benefits, but you should thoroughly consider the outcome. The more coffee you consume, the more you are putting yourself at risk with the side effects and dangers that it poses to your health.

If you need more reasons to convince yourself to stop drinking coffee, here they are:

Drinking coffee can affect the quality of your sleep

We all know that caffeine is a natural stimulant for our brain, but what we don’t know, or take notice of, is that it has some adverse effects on our sleeping pattern as well as the quality of sleep that we get.

If you’re trying to find loopholes, then you won’t find any. Even if you don’t drink coffee right before you go to sleep, even if you drank it in the morning or in the afternoon, it can still upset your sleeping pattern and quality of sleep.

Coffee no longer gives you more energy after some time

If you still aren’t convinced, then maybe this point will knock some sense into you. If you are one of those people who rely on coffee to get that extra boost of energy, then you will undoubtedly get really disappointed with what I’m going to say.

After consuming coffee for some time, your body actually develops a tolerance to it. So, the energy benefit that you are counting on isn’t really there anymore. All that’s left is something that ruins your sleep.

Beating the addiction for coffee is rather healthy

Addiction for any substance is a serious and risky thing. Clearly, the worse the substance is, the more serious the matter it is. For one thing, drug addiction is considered to be one of the most serious and worst possible cases of substance addiction.

So, if you’re addicted to coffee and rely on it every day, it’s not healthy at all. You will find that beating that addiction will give you a sense of freedom and power over yourself.

Coffee can bring about tooth decay and staining

Here’s a fun fact for you: it only takes 1 cup of coffee each day to start staining your teeth. Moreover, if you like your coffee sweet and put a lot of sugar in it, then it can also cause tooth decay.

This can also happen when you drink flavored coffees and lattes from coffee shops like Starbucks.

Caffeine can cause you to have trembles and shakes

Since we’ve already established that caffeine is a natural stimulant and gives people more energy, you can imagine what would happen if you consume too much. After consuming a considerable amount of coffee over time, you’ll begin to experience trembles or shakes.

A number of people have reported that they suffer from involuntary trembling or shaking of the hands after drinking too much caffeine. I’m sure that is just one of the many side effects from being exposed to too much caffeine.

Caffeine can affect your mood and increase your anxiety levels

You may not know it, but coffee can actually affect your mood. For those who are used to drinking coffee every day, it slowly consumes them to the extent that if they don’t have it at a certain time, it makes them moody or angry.

Also, it has also been proven that coffee increases people’s anxiety levels, which is thanks to the way caffeine increases the amount of adrenaline in a person’s body.

Take control of your health, sleep, mood, and emotions. Stop drinking that coffee and find other alternatives that work for you. You can try switching out coffee for green tea, which is very good for you, by the way. If you’re finding it hard to cut off coffee from your life, you can slowly reduce your intake or make your coffee weaker until you can finally erase it from your system.