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6 Tips to Throwing an Epic Geek Group Night

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6 Tips to Throwing an Epic Geek Group Night

Game nights will turn every adult into a kid once again. It is also a great stress-relieving activity and a chance to engage your logical thinking. Epic group night is a creative way to bond with your friends and spend time together without dishing on other friends or talking about work endlessly.

Make sure everyone RSVPs

Since it’s hard to play board games if there aren’t enough people, make sure everyone RSVPs to your invite. You need to have your numbers ready so you can prepare the right games and have enough food and drinks. Also, the element of RSVP is important to prepare people a lot in advance and also remind them f their promise to participate.

Make a list of available activities

You need to plan game night activities. Some games like Dungeons and Dragons are never-ending, while others like Pictionary or Cards Against Humanity are played for a while until they become repetitive. Make a list of games you already own and you’re sure everyone will play. You can also buy something new like Codegames or Ticket to Ride. Also, have at least one back-up activities in case your players are too picky or get bored easily. You can also ask your guests to bring one game they own. You can write the names of each game on a piece of paper, put them in the bowl and ask the oldest/youngest/newest member of your group to take one name out.

Make your apartment ready for hosting

Depending on the game, you’ll be sitting on the floor or at the table. Whatever you choose to do, you have to lear out any mess you might have created. Wipe the floors and vacuum every corner if you plan on sitting on the floor. Put away misplaced objects and turn your apartment into a place ready for entertaining. Clear out your dining table or your coffee table so you’ll have room to play and host your drinks or snacks. Don’t spend your time on details like candles, flowers because these things usually get in the way. The chances are that you’ll have to clear them off the table so don’t bother placing them in the first place. Just focus all your attention on cleaning your apartment thoroughly before the game night.

Set the right mood with food and drinks

One of the many unwritten rules of any type of social gathering is the following – there has to be something to drink and eat. So, you need to pick the right eats and offer plenty of refreshments. These nights can sometimes end in the middle of the night so it is wise to offer food. You can make it into a potluck dinner as well so that everyone can bring a meal. You can be responsible for snacks like popcorn, tortilla chips, biscuits and wow everyone with a delicious cake, like people in Australia, usually do. Cake deliveries in Sydney are ideal for such occasions because you can order a cake online and have it delivered to your door. This way you’ll have a great dessert for your guests just in time for the gathering.

Take your time to catch up before you turn into competitive adversaries

Once your guests arrive, wait a bit until you start your game night. Offer everyone a welcoming drink, let people settle in, get comfortable and familiar with each other. If there’s a guest your friends never got a chance to meet before, engage in a bit of chit-chat until this person feels like a member of the group. This introduction and catching up can last between thirty minutes to an hour. Don’t let it run too long because you’ve gathered to play some games. Monitor the group and take out your games when you feel it’s time to start playing.

Make sure the night is memorable

You can prepare DIY crowns for every game member. The winner gets to wear the winner crown while everyone will get something else. The whole idea behind game nights is to have fun, so make sure you have a crown for everyone. You can also take a selfie and make it a tradition.

Make it safe

If one of your friends has been drinking, be the responsible one and offer to call them a cab. These nights are supposed to be fun so make sure to finish them on a safe note.

Even as adults we need to find the time to play and have fun. Game night with friends will be just what you need after a long day at work.