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8 Biggest Nail Polish Colors of Summer 2019

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8 Biggest Nail Polish Colors of Summer 2019

When talking about beauty trends, we see some of them come and go from time to time. Most of the beauty trends that really stick are what we call classic. Now, in terms of nail looks, choosing the nail polish colors, there is a fine line between what’s cliché and what’s classic.

In order to keep up with the trend and make your nails looking trendy each time, try applying a different shade of your favorite colors every season. For the summer of 2019, here are some of the biggest nail polish colors you could try:

Spin the Bottle by Essie

If you want to bring dimension to boring and neutral nail color, then try applying your own custom shade by adding a few layers of different nail polish to your nails. One great topper is the Spin the Bottle nail color polish from Essie. The color is very clean and has a white-based undertone.

Naked by Deborah Lippmann

If you’re not fond of the color pink, then you could try layering your nails with sheer beige nail polish. If you’re not sure what nail polish to use, then you should try the highly-recommended Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Naked. It will give your nails a sandy-neutral base color.

Prism by Butter London

If you want to go for a fresh, non-retro vibe, then consider using Prism by Butter London. You can try layering it over your favorite pastel polish. It will give you an icy-pearl effect and a frosted finish that shifts from pink to blue.

Intergalosstic by Floss Gloss

If you’re looking for magic, then you definitely would want to try using Intergalosstic by Floss Gloss. Unlike most toppers that require several coats in order to achieve a genuine opaque coverage, this amazing polish works like magic. In fact, you can try wearing it alone or as a top coat.

Follow the Petals by Morgan Taylor Professional

Contrary to what most people believe, any frosted look doesn’t necessarily require cool-toned nail colors. Although it may look ballet pink when it’s in the bottle, Follow the Petals by Morgan Taylor Professional actually is a warmer salmon shade when it is applied.

Not So Sweet by NCLA

If you’re not into sheer nail colors, then you can try Not So Sweet by NCLA. This baby-pink nail polish from NCLA gives you an opaque coverage with a frosty top coat. Plus, it looks great on any skin tone since it has a crisp, milky-white base color.

Ceremony of Secrets by Smith & Cult

Now, we know that glitter has always been in season. However, just to make sure that we’re not getting too much glitz, try opting for an accent nail or maybe a mild, shimmer-flecked nail polish. This nail polish from Smith & Cult has micro-fine flecks rather than the chunky sparkles that give you a soft finish that looks frosty even from afar.

Côte No. 80

For those who aren’t fond of pastels, you can still be in trend by using a darker shade instead of the popular pastel colors. Côte No. 80 gives you a darker purple shade with a shimmery finish that gives it a seasonal vibe.