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A Beginners Guide to Pour Over Coffee Brewing + Infographic

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A Beginners Guide to Pour Over Coffee Brewing + Infographic

Coffee is without a doubt among the world’s favorite beverages. Each and every day, there are hundreds of millions of coffee consumed in the USA alone. There are several different types of coffee out there. No matter your tastes, you are sure to find one that you will love.

While some prefer their coffee out of a pot or from a coffee shop like Starbucks, there are a variety of different ways it can be brewed. One of the most interesting is pour-over coffee, and you can learn more about it from specialized blogs such as Coffee or Bust.

What is Pour-Over Coffee?

Pour-over coffee is one of the most trendy and exciting ways to brew. It is incredibly simple and involves the brewer pouring the water over the coffee grounds themselves. They can pour as little or as much as they want, and also use as many coffee grounds as they see fit.

This extra bit of control that pour-over coffee can give you allows you to craft your perfect cup. Also, if you still want pour-over coffee but would prefer it automatically be done for you, there are some automatic pour-over coffee machines, as well. The technique that goes into making a great cup of pour-over coffee can take some time to learn, but will certainly be worth it in the long run.

A Beginners Guide to Pour-Over Coffee

Pour-Over Coffee

So just what are the steps and items required to create and enjoy a cup of pour-over coffee? Well first, you will need to get your supplies. This will be your coffee beans (or pre-ground if you prefer), a mug (or coffee pot), a pour-over coffee device, a filter, and a kettle. You don’t always need a filter, but if you choose to use one, it is a good idea to run some water through it first before adding any grounds, to get rid of the paper taste.

The process begins by putting your filter into your pour-over coffee device. This is a device with holes in the bottom that will allow the water to flow through the coffee beans, creating coffee in your mug. Once you have the right-sized filter for the device, you need to measure out how many coffee grounds you want to add.

There is no rule as everyone likes varying strengths of coffee, so try out a few different amounts and see what you end up preferring. Once you have filled the filter with the right amount of coffee grounds, it’s time to heat your water, it shouldn’t be boiling, but should be quite hot (around 200 degrees or so).

When the water is ready, do a little bit of pre-soaking on the grounds before slowly pouring the water over the grounds. The water should be poured in a uniform manner over the grounds, thus completing your cup of coffee.

Once these steps are done, your coffee is ready to drink. Of course,  It might take you a while to get the perfect taste you like, but pour-over coffee is incredibly simple, affordable to make and can be done very quickly.

Beginners Guide to Pour-Over Coffee

In conclusion, we hope this article has been able to help you understand all you need to know to get started with pour-over coffee brewing.