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Adding A Luxury Touch to Your Living Room: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Adding A Luxury Touch to Your Living Room: The Do’s and Don’ts

The power of interior design can’t be understated, especially when you’re willing to put together a little bit extra and splurge for something a little more expensive. However, there are as many don’ts as there are the do’s when it comes to luxury interior design for your living room. The ease of which luxury can descend into tacky being all too fine a line; crossed without abandon by many a home decorator. 

Therefore, the do’s and don’ts of having a little bit of luxury in your living room are incredibly important to know – even superficially. Here’s a few for you to keep in mind: 

Do… Have a Mirror 

A mirror is a wonderful piece of theatre for any living room. It can help reflect light, adds the appearance of more space and, importantly, gives you somewhere to check your appearance on the way out the door. And a luxury mirror can do all that while adding a certain level of elegance to space. Making it both a do and a must-have. 

Don’t… Hang it Over the Fireplace 

Fireplace mirrors are boring. Everyone and their great-grandmother has been there and done that for multiple generations. It’s time to be surprised with your mirror placements. How? 

Try for a mirror collage across your main wall. Forget the art, make your mirrors into a piece all on their own. Or hang a mirror somewhere you rarely see such a thing; the hallway, at a lower position or even as a standing mirror. Some would say reserved for the bedroom; but not when luxury is involved. 

Do… Use Art 

Art is one of the most powerful ways that you can insert a touch of luxury into your living space. One piece, even small, can have incredibly transformative powers. But, the thing to remember is that even though you want it to be a luxury piece, you still need to like it. So, choose something luxurious by all means. Just ensure it reflects your tastes as well.

Don’t… Overwhelm the Sense 

Art is an experience; it can transport the soul. But, it can also be very jarring and quickly overwhelm the observer if you use the wrong piece. What constitutes the wrong piece? Well, that’s subjective. But, often anything overly graphic (you don’t want to offend casual guests), that is too large and gaudy, or anything that detracts from everything else in the room. 

If the only thing a guest is drawn to is the art, then the art is overwhelming the room and needs to be curbed back. 

Do… Pick a Sofa with Style 

Sofas can come in many shapes and forms, with varying levels of luxury waiting to be unravelled. Of course, you need to be practical. There’s no point having a luxurious sofa that can’t fit into your living room. But, other than the practicalities don’t be afraid to choose a design, a material or even just a look which helps to advertise a little bit of luxury. 

Not everyone has to have a grey corner sofa, let yourself be the luxurious odd one out. 

Don’t… Throw the Effort

Throws, blankets, large clothes in the shape of a mermaids tail. None of these things is a decorative piece. They are items which you bring out in the cold months to get warm. So, don’t ruin the effect of your luxury sofa with the ordinary clutter of a blanket. Put it in a little storage box when not in use and don’t think to use it to decorate your sofas any longer. 

Do… Spend More 

If you want a truly luxurious addition to your living room, then you will have to spend a little bit more on some designer furniture. It’s inevitable and if that discomforts you, then perhaps the luxury touch isn’t quite for you just yet. Or maybe you need to make that touch a light dusting on top instead. 

Don’t… Advertise the Fact 

The problem with luxury is that if you have to tell someone exactly how much you spent on an item, it immediately depreciates the value. The luxury is in the look, the feel, the presence it brings to the room. Not in the bragging rights. So, keep any talk of $$$ to yourself. 

The Final DO, Capital

Have fun. The point of decorating your living room with a touch of luxury is to reflect something of yourself. In the fact that you take pride in your home, that you like something a little bit different to the standard High Street look, or maybe you’re just a luxurious person all round. Whatever the case, make sure your living room reflects this and enjoy getting it to do so.

You can re-decorate your living room affordably, with a splash of luxury – so go for it!