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Amazing Micro Home Ideas: Your Home on the Go

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Amazing Micro Home Ideas: Your Home on the Go

In a world of advancing technology and fast trends, micro home is one of the budding trends – It has steadily been gaining popularity, and with good reason. Not only is it stylish and modern, but it also provides us with a look into the future and caters to the growing demands of society.

In 2019, experts are seeing a trend in homes that can legally be towed. Although micro homes have been around since the 90s, probably even in the late 80s, it only picked up in late 2000. I guess people are starting to see the idea of conserving space that would never be efficiently used anyway.

Moreover, at a time of financial crisis and economic instability, architecturally sound micro homes can go a long way in funneling money that is ordinarily used on rent or lease to build the micro home of your dreams.

For those people who are still arguing the potential move into a micro home, let’s tackle what a it really is, the benefits of living in one, and the ideas you could consider.

What is a micro home?

If you really had to ask, then I guess it would be just that – A tiny house. Take note, however, not to get micro homes mixed up with another 80’s housing trend: the mobile trailer home.

As a matter of fact, they could not be more different, although they do share a common factor. They are often small homes brilliantly realized to optimize limited space using smart design and storage ideas. Based on its definition, a micro home can scale from 140 square feet to 500 square feet in total.

Moreover, some micro homes are static with fixed plumbing lines, whereas others are specially designed to be easily relocated through towing. To put it simply, you can easily move them around wherever you want since most micro homes are built on trailer platforms or something similar.

Lastly, just like any typical home, it also have a bathroom and a kitchen space, not to mention a designated living space and bedroom space, depending on the owner’s preference and needs.

Why live in a micro home?

So, why would you want to live in a micro home? Simple. Even though most of us dreamed of big houses, there are people who tend to have a different opinion. In fact, there are various reasons why some of us would prefer to live in it.

Now, the common reasons would be financial challenges and the earnest wish to live a simple life. Plus, living in a micro home could also significantly lessen your footprint in terms of the impact on the environment.


This is an obvious reason – Simply because tiny houses obviously cost little compared to traditional houses. Plus, they are also easy to maintain and doesn’t require that much money. So, with that said, owning a micro home is more probable – No matter your financial standing – than owning a traditional house.

Simplistic living

When you have a micro home, you tend to lean towards sustainable interior design, not to mention have a simplistic preference. If you’re more comfortable with the idea of simplistic living, and you’re not interested in extravagant homes, then owning a micro home is the best choice you’ll ever make.

Micro Home Ideas

Movable Homes

Movable homes are probably the most common and most popular. It is a micro home that can easily be relocated to another place.

A movable home can be moved via truck where it will be towed to another location. It’s a great micro home idea because you will have complete control on where to place your home, as well as the freedom to explore various climates as the seasons change.

Lofted Tiny Houses

Another common idea or design is the lofted tiny houses, which features a triangle-shaped front that has windows and a lofted upper part for extra floor space.

Lofted tiny houses also allow the homeowner to have additional space for storage. The only concern here is that they are – more often than not – pretty tall to travel under bridges and pass zoning areas.

Shipping Container Conversions

This is a fun idea since it lets you explore your creative side, not to mention that it also gives you a chance to put the materials used in this idea to better use.

By going with this micro home idea, you’ll also do nature a great favor since it lets you use something that would otherwise be left behind to waste away.