Are you thinking of being self-employed?

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Being self-employed is pretty great- especially if you are a person who detests the mundane nature of routine. Waking up every day at the crack of dawn and dedicating the whole day working for someone else is a pretty bleak prospect for some people. However, if you are self-employed, working either as a freelancer or starting your own business, chances are, you enjoy the freedom of working from home or any location you wish. Also, you are free to decide whether you’ll sleep in till noon and work all afternoon or if you’ll work in your underwear all day. It also doesn’t hurt to be your own boss. These are just some of the advantages of self-employment.

Are you cut-out to be your own boss?

While you may now be thinking that this article is your green light to finally stick it to your boss, quit your job with a bang and finally be free to fly off to the magical land of self-employment, I have some bad news for you. The truth is, self-employment is hard and frustrating, and not everyone is cut out to be their own boss.

Between putting in countless hours, and juggling all the projects you may have going at once, a newbie freelancer may only manage to make a few coins. In reality, it may take months or even years to get your freelancing career to the point where you are financially stable. Not to mention, coming across a genuine and profitable gig is often not that easy. For this reason, the type of people who are more likely to succeed when it comes to self-employment, are those who have an entrepreneurial spirit.

The people who are often successfully self-employed have a recognizable and common personality trait; they are go-getters. If you cannot operate without constant encouragement and supervision, this may not be the way for you. Often, people who are self-employed have to be their own cheerleaders. Being your own boss means that you are constantly encouraging and pushing yourself to reach higher limits even when everyone else around you is not.

So, is self-employment any better than being employed full-time? Check out these 6 benefits of self-employment.

6 Reasons why you should consider self-employment

1. Never having to answer to a boss

Instead of having to answer to a mean and irritating boss, you will have to answer to yourself. One of the major perks of being self-employed is being your own boss. This means that when it comes to anything work related you are in charge. You will be in charge of setting your own working hours and schedule. Sounds great, right?

On the other hand, being your own boss is not all daisies and roses. Being your own boss means that if something goes wrong, for example, your laptop gets spoilt, you are in charge of fixing it and ensuring that your workflow remains unaffected.

2. Freedom from routine

One of the best things about being self-employed is living free from daily routine. When you are self-employed, you will rarely have to do the same thing twice in a row. After all, you will now be in unchartered territory and how you decide to proceed is solely up to you.

The point is, the self-employment world is pretty unpredictable. Your chances of surviving successfully increase if you have a wide skill set or if you are really good at your trade.

3. Room for self-reliance

It is no secret that people who are self-employed are also self-starters and independent.

However, in no time, you will find yourself maturing professionally. Whereas you may have had trouble communicating with clients, in just a few months, you will develop the confidence to do so. Something about working for yourself will ultimately urge you to break out of your shell and face the world confidently.

4. Make way more money

Here is the big secret- you can make a lot more money working for yourself than in any other day job. Whether it is through your business or even as a freelancer. In fact, speaking from a freelancer’s point of view, after a few months of steady and consistent work, you may even find yourself earning way more than you did while employed.

Here’s the thing though, when you start out as a freelancer, work will be sparse and hard to come by. And when you do land a job, you may be forced to accept payment that is less than satisfactory. Nevertheless, as time goes by and you advance in your freelance career and make more connections, you will soon be holding all the cards. You will be able to set your own rates for jobs accepted. As a result, you may find yourself earning a lot more for doing much less.

5. Develop a variety of skills

When you are self-employed, the first thing you will realize is the need to have a flexible set of skills. The truth is, when you are self-employed you will never have the chance to get cozy in your comfort zone. You may find yourself learning a new skill in order to ensure that you can stay abreast the constant competition. For example, if you are a self-employed writer, you may have to pick up a range of skills in the writing field or even in a totally unrelated field.

6. Learn innovative ways to connect and work

When you are self-employed or working as a freelancer and looking for a paying gig, you will soon realize the need to be innovative in order to connect and find work. Finding steady and genuine paying gigs is usually not easy. Get ready to be frustrated by clients from hell who accept work yet will never pay you or even recommend you to other people. Prepare yourself to work twice or thrice as hard yet earn very little or nothing at all and for long periods of time. In short, brace yourself for the hostile freelancing world where self-employment dreams are easily crashed.

When it comes to being self-employed, you will need to think out of the box in order to grab clients’ attention.  You may find yourself going out of your way in order to maintain a beneficial professional relationship. While this may not always be easy, it will definitely be worth it in the long run.

So what do you think, is self-employment for you?