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Hairstyle Ideas – Bangs that will be Huge in 2019

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Hairstyle Ideas – Bangs that will be Huge in 2019

It has already been established that bangs are still gonna be a huge thing in 2019. Not only are they fashionable, but they are also pretty convenient when covering breakouts on our foreheads.

If you’re planning on having bangs, then you should decide what kind of bangs you would like to wear, what goes well with your hair length, and what flatters the shape of your face. Whether you want to pull off a sweet look or add an edgy vibe to your entire look, here are four types of bangs that will be huge in 2019:

Curtain Bangs

Deciding on getting bangs can feel like quite a commitment, but it doesn’t have to feel like that. You can start by having curtain-like bangs since it is a style in itself and is considered as a less risky one to get compared to other bangs. It even looks great on almost every hair length, hairstyle, and face shapes.

If you’re going to style your curtain bangs, then I would suggest that you blow-dry it using a blow dryer and a small bristle brush. Gently brush the top of your hair and slowly blow-dry it towards your nose in order to prevent any cowlicks. After that, slowly twist and point the brush away from your face on both sides in order to create a small bend that will frame your eyes.

Curtain bangs are the most flattering hairstyle for any hair since it requires longer layers that beautifully frame the face, especially when it is parted down the middle. It is also pretty easy to style, as well as low-maintenance since all you need is a hairbrush and a straightening iron. Of course, you can also use hair serums or sea salt hairspray to make it more gorgeous.

Wispy Bangs

If you’re feeling like you suddenly want to give yourself a little makeover, then you should definitely go for wispy bangs. It is perfect, especially if you are one of those girls who keeps changing her hairstyle since it doesn’t require a lot of work and is quite easy to maintain. Not only is it low-maintenance, but it also suits everyone. Wispy bangs look perfect with either short or long hair.

Wispy bangs are actually inspired by Korean celebrities. It is a wispy fringe that usually ends right about the eyes, and you can opt for it to be see-through or sheer.

When maintaining wispy bangs, you need to have a bit of patience. You would want to have your voluminous bangs to flip inward. So, you need to do some heat styling in order to get that effect. You would need a hairbrush, hair dryer or straightening iron, some hairspray, and hair serum.

Full Bangs

You’ve probably noticed a couple of celebrities sporting full bangs last year and even this year. Full bangs are great with straight or wavy hair. Plus, they also look great on all hair lengths and face shapes. You can switch to other hairstyles whenever you like. You can try going for a full side-swept bang or a full choppy bang. If you have a round face, you should avoid getting full blunt bangs because it will make your face look wider.

When grooming these bangs, you will need some comb, hair dryer, and even a straightening iron if you’d like. Applying some leave-in conditioner or hair serum would also be helpful in maintaining them.

Micro Bangs

If you’re looking for something new this 2019, then you should have a look at micro fringe, also called baby bangs. This is a definite must-try for a lot of people because it is different from other types of bangs that usually cover most of your forehead – For some, it covers the entire forehead. Micro bangs basically end in the middle portion of the forehead, which gives off the edgy vibe.

In order to groom micro bangs, you would need a hairbrush and a straightening iron. Other hair products that you would need are hair serum and a heat protectant spray.