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Beat the Heat This Summer with Healthy Thirst Quenchers

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Beat the Heat This Summer with Healthy Thirst Quenchers

Summer has already begun, and we can feel the scorching heat. Now, there’s nothing more refreshing than drinking a glass of water. However, if you’re someone who’s a sucker for flavor, then a glass of water doesn’t sound as refreshing.

No matter. Even if you don’t like the flavor or the lack thereof, it isn’t enough reason to avoid drinking it. Water is vital to good health since it helps the body get rid of harmful toxins and waste. Drinking only coffee, tea, or soda will contribute to potential health issues. It is best if you start drinking healthier in this summer.

So, as a solution to that concern, here are some healthy thirst quenchers to help you beat the heat of summer:

Strawberry, Lime, Cucumber, and Mint

The first one on our list is water infused with strawberry, lime, cucumber, and mint. Imagine how all that good stuff would taste.

This drink’s main ingredient is strawberry. Now, who doesn’t love strawberries? Okay, fine. Not everyone loves it, but it’s still great. Not only does it regulate blood sugar, but it also lowers blood pressure and the risk of stroke.

Apart from strawberry, we also have mint, lime, and cucumber – All of which enhance the flavor of the water.

Vitamin Water

Next up we have vitamin water. This thirst quencher is made up of watermelons, grapefruits, and oranges. You can also add other ingredients to this drink if you’d like, although it’s already great on its own.

Watermelon, one of its ingredients, is made up mostly of water. That’s probably the reason why consuming this drink makes you think it’s not water but, at the same time, makes your thirst go away.

What makes this drink great is the fact that it is loaded with vitamins A and C, not to mention phytonutrients like cucurbitacins, anti-oxidants, and anti-inflammatories. Obviously, it also tastes great as well as being visually eye-catching.

Orange Basil Infused Water

Orange basil infused water is a great early morning thirst quencher, although you can definitely drink this during the day or at night. It’s just that, for some people, including me, drinking or eating oranges seems like a morning thing.

When making this drink, you’d have to squeeze the orange so that you could get the most flavor out of it. If you’re up to it, you could also try adding turmeric or ginger to this drink. Turmeric and ginger are said to provide some health benefits. So, why not make use of that?

Lemon, Thyme, and Rosemary Infused Water

Lemon is a great ingredient for making infused water. It is also popular and well-loved. With this drink, we are trying to take it up a notch by adding thyme and rosemary. Lemons are great, but there are also other great ingredients that we could use to make it more delicious and healthier.

If you have knowledge about gardening, then you probably know that rosemary grows pretty fast. That is one of the pros for adding rosemary in this drink. It is a pretty smart move to make use of an ingredient that you will most likely never run out of.

That’s it for this list. You can, of course, try mixing in other ingredients when making your own thirst quencher. The bottom line here is that you are trying to get more water in your system since you know that it’s good for you.