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Becoming A Mum: 3 Ways You Can Take Care Of Yourself After Giving Birth

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Becoming A Mum: 3 Ways You Can Take Care Of Yourself After Giving Birth

Giving birth and becoming a mother is one of life’s many natural wonders and is both beautiful and joyful. However, many new mums often feel extremely overwhelmed when they first become a mother and almost like their life has completely turned upside down and inside out, which is normal. 

It can take a few months for you to adjust to your new life with your little one, but during this time, chances are that your baby has completely transformed your life and has, obviously, become your main priority. It is likely that taking care of yourself and having some me-time is out of the window, but it is important to take this time seriously. 

There is no reason why becoming a new mum means that you can’t take time out to look after yourself, especially during those first few hectic months of having a newborn. A lot of mums don’t put as much effort into feeling as good as they could in the first few months, but why not! Here are some tips to help you feel beautiful, calm and ready to tackle this amazing new stage of life. 

Look After Your Skin

Before having a baby, you probably had a regimented skin routine in place which you followed morning and night. It is likely that you now prioritize your baby’s needs over your own, which is totally normal, but finding some time each evening to even just cleanse your face will make you feel so much better. Not only will it be calming, but it will mean that your skin is in much better condition. Whether it prevents breakouts or makes your skin less dull-looking, a few minutes cleansing or the seconds it takes to sweep over a toner soaked cotton-wool pad will all be worth it. 

A lot of new mums struggle with the often overwhelming feelings of tiredness, so taking care of your skin will make you feel so much better. Just one or two steps a day is better than nothing and will make all the difference in how you feel and look. 

Revive Your Energy Levels

Having a demanding newborn baby takes a lot out of you, both physically and mentally. Your sleep is disrupted, you’re always on the go and you now have to take care of two people rather than just yourself, so it is no surprise you’re feeling run-down! 

There are things you can do to temporarily boost your energy levels, but if you want to enjoy more consistent energy levels, then the best thing to do is enjoy gentle exercise. It is, however, vital that you wait for the all-clear from your midwife, especially if you had a c-section before you start doing anything exercise based. Your body has been through a huge change and is bound to be more sensitive than it was pre-birth. 

Whether you want to lose some baby weight, for which there is no rush, or just want to enjoy the fresh air, then gentle exercise will make you feel better and prevents you from being cooped up inside for the day. Whether it is just a few laps around the local park, a walk to the shops or even some mum and baby yoga, the gentle activity will give you a much-needed boost of energy. If, after a few months, you find that you are unable to shift unwanted weight or aren’t feeling like your pre-baby self, then you should see your doctor. In regards to weight changes, you could consider fat freezing for a quick-fix solution, or alternatively, chat with a nutritionist to take a look at your diet. 

Visit The Hairdressers

When you have a baby, doing your hair may feel like an extremely pointless task, particularly if you don’t plan on leaving the house. But, the 10 minutes it takes to wash, straighten or even just tie your hair up can make a huge difference to the way you feel that day. Your hair takes on a lot of pressure and stress both during and after pregnancy, so heading to the hairdressers for a refresh will make you feel so much better. Even just a small trim will be worth it, you get to leave the house, speak to other people and enjoy a good cup of coffee! Even better, if your little one begins to get restless, hairdressers love babies so are probably more than happy to lend a hand whilst you have a much-needed break.