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Blue One Owners Reveal How They Used Social Media to Make the Brand Popular

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Blue One Owners Reveal How They Used Social Media to Make the Brand Popular

Using social media to improve your brand identity and reputation is one of the most frequently-used marketing tactics these days. But imagine using this trick in 2010. Facebook had launched just a couple of years ago, and most people didn’t know what social media marketing was all about. It takes courage to give such a unique marketing method a try when no one even talked about it. 

But Blue One owners, Jarret and Crystal, showed courage to try social media marketing even before becoming a popular marketing strategy. The result? They are now of the most sought-after luxury boutiques in NYC and Hamptons.

Growing with social media

Crystal was an integral part of fashion PR before she started Blue One. She honed her marketing experiences and public relations skills from her previous job. When asked about how she used social media to Blue One’s advantage, she said, “Social media wasn’t like this a decade ago. We probably spent weeks figuring out how to make the Blue One official page. Today, you can create a page in 5 minutes. It wasn’t so easy back then. 

Our next challenge was to identify our target audience and let them know that our page existed. But the idea of following a business page on Facebook wasn’t a thing yet, and our audience wouldn’t understand why we were doing it. We tried to make our posts as enjoyable as possible to ensure that people who had liked our page would at least wait for a few seconds to read the posts and comment on them. Jarret and I closely read the comments and replied because we always felt that your customers like it if you communicate with them directly. Slowly, social media became popular and more businesses started using Facebook as a marketing platform. We tried the same process when Instagram burst into the scene. And that’s how we grew with social media.”

The owners placed particular emphasis on making their brand a household name instead of merely offering high-quality products. They wanted people to know why their boutique is different from others and the factors that set them apart. Combining Crystal’s PR experience with trending social media business allowed Blue One to reach the height it dreamed of when it had first started.

How are Blue One posts different?

Most brands flaunt their product features on Instagram and Facebook stories. According to Jarret and Crystal, it is a successful marketing method, but they don’t like to go with what everyone is doing. Instead, they focus on posts that show what you are missing out on by not buying from Blue One. It creates that eagerness among its audience to at least buy from Blue One once. The couple knows that you would love to come back once you buy from Blue One because of its product quality. They don’t need to keep highlighting their products in various posts.

Blue One sets an example for other boutiques to follow about using social media differently to promote their brand. The owners rightly point out that success doesn’t come overnight. You need to stick to your task for months and even years to popularize your brand and build a solid reputation.