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Challenges Faced by Single Moms in 2019

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Challenges Faced by Single Moms in 2019

Parenting can be quite demanding and tough. Moreover, if you’re a single mom, it becomes much more than just demanding and tough. Sometimes it can also be taxing and grueling.

Single parents, especially single moms, experience quite a unique set of emotional challenges that can feel a bit overwhelming at times. So, whenever you feel like you’re taking on too much, know that you are not alone on this. As a matter of fact, many other moms out there are struggling with the same issues that you are having.

In this article, we’ll discuss those issues. Below are some of the challenges faced by single moms in 2019 and some solutions that you can try:

Having no one to share the responsibilities of being a parent

Being a single mom, you probably don’t have anyone to lean on and share your load with. Without a partner to help you, you are left to care for your kids 24/7 even when you’re having a bad parenting day. In most cases, this usually leads to something called a parent tantrum-ing.

You can avoid all of that if you learn how to calm yourself during stressful moments. Take a moment to slowly breathe in and out, closing your eyes and letting yourself relax for a bit. It usually helps to reset your mood so that you can easily get out of that stressful position.

Another thing you can do is take a moment and get a breather. You can either put your kids to sleep and let them watch TV. When they’re asleep or preoccupied, you can go to your room and relax for a bit. It is better that way than to let go of your anger and regret it later on.

Not knowing if you’re doing the right thing

Parenting is tough, but it’s a bit easier if both parents are involved. Parents who are raising their kids alone have it tough because they don’t have someone to consult with if what they are doing is the right one or not. So, it’s not always easy for them to do things.

One thing that would help is to have a network of friends who are also mothers. In that way, you can see where you are lacking. From there, you can learn and become a better parent. After all, no parent is perfect. You may experience some frustrating or stressful moments. The important thing here is that you are able to make your children happy and be the best parent that you can be to them.

Dealing with financial problems

Being a single parent, you only have one source of income – That is, unless if you have other sources of income. So, you may encounter some financial problems from time to time. It is frustrating, and you might feel like you want to cry but don’t. You wouldn’t want your kids to worry about that, right?

Instead of needless worrying, try to focus on more important things, one of which is putting food on the table. It is hard, I know, but you should be strong for your kids. Planning a budget for an entire month can help a lot since it lets you manage your money more wisely.

Realizing that you won’t be able to have the family you dreamed of

Most of us would have this picture of what an ideal family would look like, I know I have. You may want your kids to grow up in a loving household and not one wherein there’s no mom – or no dad – involved in their lives. So, when we realize that our family isn’t what we were expecting it to be, it can feel like a bomb dropping on us. You might also worry when your kids would ask THE question.

Instead of worrying, you can think about how you would answer the question “Why don’t I have a dad/mom?” Well, if you would ask me, there is no definite description for a family. Family can be described as the way you want it to. You don’t need to have both parents to call yourselves a family. In fact, some people consider friends as family, too.