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Clever Conservatory Ideas for the Autumn-Winter Seasons 

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Clever Conservatory Ideas for the Autumn-Winter Seasons 

Sitting in the conservatory in the colder months in never as tempting, but with a little bit of creative winter warmth, you’ll soon be able to make it the favorite room in the home! 

While most do enjoy changing the conservatory into a mini winter wonderland over the festive period, here’s how you can make the living space enjoyable throughout the whole season:

Buy some new Plants

Before you put the Christmas tree up, you can buy some new plants with a bit of a twist on the conventional to add some autumn style to the room. The Poinsettia plant is well known for its beautiful red and green leaves and is widely used in the colder months of the year. It’s known for being a high maintenance plant, but keep it in the sunlight and away from draughts and it’ll thrive.

An extra tip is to find some branches from a fir tree and fill up jars and place them around the room. Reds, browns and all the other autumn colors add some lovely seasonality to the conservatory.

Add Some Warmth

The best way to prepare the conservatory to the winter season is to start adding layers to the room. Buy some new throws and cushions to make the room cozy to relax in. make sure everything you have is stored is another layer for the conservatory furniture. The layers and different patterns will add a warming touch to the room, which makes it all the more tempting to sit in. That plus the sound of rain or the snow outside will make it a winter wonderland.

All the Candles

A couple of lamps and a dozen candles make for much better and ambient lighting in the darker months of the year. Enjoy scented candles with all your favorite seasonal smells and they’ll probably help heat the room up too.

Consider Buying a New Roof

Older conservatories don’t tend to get used in the winter because they’re a little too cold, which is usually due to it having a polycarbonate or single glazed roof. As these offer no insulation, consider investing in a hybrid or tiled conservatory roof which is perfect for every season.

A Reading Nook

Revitalize the room with a reading nook and make it a quiet place in the home to become swept away in a good book. A comfortable reading chair, along with a nice table and bookcase is all you need to get started. Work out what you like around you while reading and make sure your nook is a place you want to read!