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Clever Ways to Sneak Vegetables in Your Kids Food

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Clever Ways to Sneak Vegetables in Your Kids Food

Every day is a struggle when you’re trying to get your kids to eat, especially when you’re trying to get them to eat vegetables. It can be quite frustrating at times and might make you feel like giving in and letting them eat fried chicken all the time, but you shouldn’t.

Since your kids are growing and developing, they are going to need all sorts of vitamins and minerals that can only be found in vegetables. To help your kids get the nutrients that they need without them even realizing it, here are some clever ways that you can sneak vegetables in your kids’ food:

Pizza Bases

Pizza isn’t exactly what you call a wholesome food, but you can make it healthy by adding in healthy ingredients. Alternatively, you can use vegetables – Like cauliflower, for example – in preparing the dough base. You can even coat pureed spinach on top of your pizza base before you put on the pizza sauce. Not only is it good for your kids, but it’s also one way to bring color into their food.


A great way to easily sneak in vegetables in food is through sauces. Try making macaroni and cheese with peas, cherry tomatoes, spinach, crushed broccoli or cauliflower as hidden ingredients.

Spaghetti is another target for hidden vegetables. Whether you’re making spaghetti Bolognese or spaghetti and meatballs, you can easily hide vegetables into the tomato sauce. For this dish, you can add in broccoli, peas, spinach, carrots, mushroom, and cauliflower.

If you’re worried that the kids will see the vegetables, you can just put them in the blender and blitz them. Moreover, putting them in the blender doesn’t take any of its nutrients away.

Veggie Chips

Veggie chips are a fun way to get your kids to eat vegetables. Before you say anything else, these chips aren’t the greasy kind. Plus, it’s quite easy to prepare. For instance, you can slice a potato thinly, coat them with a little oil, season them, and then bake them on medium heat for 25 minutes.

Aside from potato, you can also make use of other vegetables such as sweet potato and carrots, which are also great healthy options. Chop them up, season and bake them in the oven for at least 30 minutes. You can then serve them with a veggie dip. 

Vegetable pancakes

All kids love pancakes. I mean, who doesn’t? If you’re serving pancakes for breakfast, you can easily sneak in some vegetables without your kids knowing.

Let’s start with red beet. You can add in red beet into the pancake batter and make red beet pancakes for breakfast. Then, in the afternoon, whip up some snacks by adding pumpkin or squash into the pancake batter and make some vegetable waffles.


Surprised? Yes, you can add vegetables in cookies. It’s pretty easy if you know which vegetable to use. By doing this, I’m sure that your kids won’t have any idea that they’ve just eaten some veggies.

When preparing the cookie dough, add some pureed carrot or sweet potato. As an alternative, you can also add them to brownie batter or chocolate cake.

Scrambled eggs

When you don’t have any idea what to make for breakfast, eggs are always a safe choice. Whip up some eggs and make scrambled eggs with a twist. Take fresh broccoli, mince it up, and then stir it in with the eggs. You can also use cauliflower if you don’t have broccoli.

It is a bit tricky to get your kids to eat vegetables, but trying on new ideas can cooking help and these are all great ideas that you can try to sneak in these nutritious foods into your cooking.