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Different Kitchen Trends to Follow and to Avoid in 2019

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Different Kitchen Trends to Follow and to Avoid in 2019

Another year, another opportunity to rearrange and enliven the different places in our home, which includes the kitchen. Now, we spend a considerable amount of time in our kitchen every day – Or at least someone in our home does. If we want to enjoy every minute spent there, we should keep it nice and refreshing.

We’ve seen many innovative designs in the past couple of years, from two-toned kitchen furniture to banquet-style dining sets. This 2019, we’ll see more innovative kitchen designs that will prevail.

Among many design themes that are prevailing this year, one theme is obviously dominating the others – Wellness. As you can probably notice, more and more people are choosing to live healthier. They are seeking appliances and furniture that can aid them in cooking healthy food faster, not to mention incorporating wellness into their kitchen design.

Below you will find the top 5 kitchen trends to follow and to avoid in 2019:


If you’re going to choose a color for the walls and backsplash tiles, then your safest bet is to choose neutral tones like beige or soft brown. Moreover, if you’re going to follow the advice of most designers, then you are most likely going to opt for muted greens as the color theme of your kitchen. Muted greens are considered neutral colors since they are always present in nature. So, they come off as a very optimistic color.

What you need to avoid, on the other hand, is the color white. While the all-white kitchen is considered to be very trendy in the past couple of years, it is no longer seen as trendy in 2019.


In terms of materials, we’ll be seeing a lot of people switching to concrete countertops in 2019. One good reason for this switch is the fact that concrete countertops work especially well with neutral-toned kitchen décor. You can also try quartz as a popular alternative.

On the other hand, you should try to avoid marble countertops. Marble is usually porous and a lot softer compared to other natural stones, which makes it prone to stains and scratches. So, it takes a lot of work to keep marble countertops clean and pristine.


If you’re going to shop for new appliances, go for black stainless ones. Black stainless appliances started becoming popular over three years ago, and it works well with virtually any kitchen theme. Black stainless can easily be scratched and shows smudges and fingerprints. However, there are also brands like LG that coats their black stainless appliances with a protective coating that makes it smudge and fingerprint-resistant.

Also, as much as you can, stay away from stainless steel appliances since it can be quite hard to maintain. Stainless steel is prone to rust. Although it is quite resistant to corrosion, it can still rust easily if not sufficiently alloyed with chromium.


In 2019, there is a current trend for bold-colored cabinets.  According to designers, a growing number of homeowners are now seeking to repaint their kitchen cabinets with blue hues instead of the classic white. Moreover, designers say that bold-colored kitchen cabinets would look better when accentuated with brass and stainless fixtures.

As mentioned earlier, what you need to avoid in 2019 is the color white – And it’s not just with the walls and tiles but also with furniture and appliances.

As you can see with the trends mentioned above, 2019 is about color and giving life to the kitchen. So, don’t be afraid to try something new and let your creative side run free.