Discovering Some of the Craziest and Most Unique Hotels in the World

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Discovering Some of the Craziest and Most Unique Hotels in the World

When some people travel, they usually look for cheap yet nice hotels to stay in. There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s considered pretty practical if you ask me. However, if you were given the chance to sleep in an incredibly unique hotel, would you be able to pass off the chance?

There are hotel rooms that are located underwater, while others are suspended in mid-air or completely made of ice. If you’re feeling brave and/or adventurous, then here are some of the craziest and most unique hotels in the world that will give you the experience of a lifetime:

The Liberty Hotel (Boston)

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, the Liberty Hotel was once called the Charles Street Jail. It was an actual prison that housed some of the most famous inmates back then, which included James Curley, who is a former Boston mayor, and Malcolm X. It is now converted into a luxury hotel, and it features prison-themed names for its different suites and lounge areas.

Liberty Hotel

The Liberty Hotel offers various amenities such as complimentary overnight shoeshine service as well as an on-site concierge. Guests can also have a drink or two at The Alibi – The hotel’s cocktail bar – or have a scrumptious meal at The Click, which is a restaurant in the hotel.

Hotell Hackspett (Sweden)

The Hotel Hackspett is located in Sweden in a public park near Lake Mälaren. In order to reach your room, you will have to climb 13 meters up using a pulley-and-harness system as it is perched in the boughs of an Oak tree that is 130 years old, by the way.

Hotell Hackspett

The hotel is created by an artist named Mikael Genberg, who made the hotel look like a traditional Swedish cottage that’s been magically placed on top of a tree. It is suspended above the ground by using incredibly strong wires, which means that no nails were used to damage the spectacular tree.

From the balcony, you can see breathtaking views of the park as well as Lake Mälaren. If you want room service, it will be delivered to you through a pulley system. However, since there is no heating, you will only be able to stay in the hotel during summer.

No Man’s Land (Portsmouth, England)

What makes No Man’s Land interesting is the fact that it was once an English naval hub during the Victorian Era. It was built 160 years ago right off the coast of Portsmouth in order to keep the French army away.

No Man’s Land

Later on, it was converted into a luxury hotel, which boasts a grand view of the French and English coasts, in 2009. It is now offering numerous bedroom suites to welcomed guests. If you’re interested, you can get there by helicopter or by boat.

Free Spirit Spheres (Vancouver Island, British Columbia)

Located in British Columbia, Free Spirit Spheres is kind of unusual since it’s an adult-only resort. The resort offers rooms that look like suspended wooden spheres that are hanging among trees in a rainforest. It is open throughout the year and is famous for the tranquillity inside of the three spheres that are varying in size that comes with speakers and Wi-Fi. Incidentally, the three spheres are called Eryn, Eve, and Melody.

Free Spirit Spheres

There are a lot of things to like at Free Spirit Spheres, which includes complimentary snacks, sauna, fresh linens, galley kitchen, barbecue, and bathrooms that have compost toilets.

Dog Bark Park Inn in Idaho

If you’re a nature lover, then you’re going to love Dog Bark Park Inn located in Cottonwood, Idaho. The hotel is designed to look like a giant beagle, which made it a famous landmark in the state of Idaho. In fact, it was even dubbed as the “World’s Biggest Beagle.” Meanwhile, the local residents affectionately call it Sweet Willy.

Dog Bark Park

Guests of Dog Bark Park Inn enjoy a continental self-serve breakfast, full baths, air conditioning, as well as a collection of puzzles and books. There are no television or phone; however, there is Wi-Fi.