Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations to Visit in 2019

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Eco-Friendly Travel Destinations to Visit in 2019

Quite recently, there has been a rising trend for ecotourism and responsible travel, and we can clearly see why. Many countries have realized that there is a pressing need to protect and preserve their resources, especially their natural resources, which is a good thing. Plus, it’s not only the locals who are benefiting from this but also the communities, visitors, and wild inhabitants – In short, the entire planet.

Well, seeing how a lot of people are dumping their waste left and right – Not to mention the continuous practice of illegal logging, fishing, and other illegal acts that harm our environment – it’s not surprising to see the dreadful state that our natural environment is in today. For that reason, most countries are now trying to impose rules and regulations surrounding conservation and taxes.

If you want to help out and contribute, below are some eco-friendly travel destinations that you can visit in 2019:

Costa Rica

If you’re trying to think of eco-friendly travel destinations, then Costa Rica should be the first one on that list. Costa Rica is a rugged country that is well-known for its Instagram-worthy beaches, volcanoes, and biodiversity. In addition, the country also offers a breathtaking cloud forest and rainforest to everyone who visits.

Wherever you are in Costa Rica, you will sense people’s deep respect for nature, which can be seen and is apparent at resorts and hotels all over the country. Most of the resorts and hotels serve organic food and decorate their entire place with tropical plants and flowers.

During your stay, you can try various fun activities such as whitewater rafting, nature hikes, taking a tour of the country’s coffee region, and visiting thermal hot springs. If you’re wondering when the best time to visit Costa Rica is, then it’s around mid-December to the end of April, which is considered to be the country’s dry season.

British Columbia, Canada

If you’re one of those people who absolutely love nature, then you should add British Columbia to your list of “must-visit” eco-tourism destinations in 2019. British Columbia is arguably the greenest province in Canada, which it owes to all the green jobs, buildings, energy efficiency, and organic food being made available to all the people there, including foreigners.

In terms of sustainable environmental management, British Columbia is regarded as a leader and a pioneer. You’ll find that the quality of the water and air in this part of Canada is quite excellent. In fact, even their waste management is top-notch.

Whether it’s the rugged coastline or the dense forest, you won’t be able to deny the fact that British Columbia is about as green as any place could get. Some of the interesting activities you can do here are rafting, canoeing, skiing, and snowboarding. Of course, don’t forget camping and fishing.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly travel destination with a rich variety of flora and fauna, then Belize is the place for you. Some of the most unique wildlife you can find in Belize are the mighty jaguars, scarlet macaws, Baird’s tapirs, black howler monkeys, kinkajou, and spider monkeys.

Belize is another leader when it comes to protecting wildlife and natural resources as it has a low deforestation rate and an extensive system of protected areas. As it happens, the country’s barrier reef is the second largest barrier reef in the world and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, in 2018, UNESCO made the announcement that the Belize Barrier Reef has been removed from the list of endangered sites.

Since tourism is the main source of revenue of the country, the government is encouraging people to build their own tourism industry. There are so many things to do in Belize, which includes hiking, bird watching, scuba diving, snorkeling, diving, rafting, kayaking, and fishing.

New Zealand

When you say New Zealand, most people would think of the word “eco-tourism” since the country is considered to be one of the best eco-tourism destinations in the world. Now, everybody knows that New Zealand is a country with breathtaking landscapes; plus, it has everything that you can ask for – Mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, beaches, and anything else that you can think of.

New Zealand is also one of the countries that are very dedicated to lowering the carbon footprint in the environment. As a matter of fact, the country is hoping to be fossil fuel-free by 2025. As an alternative, they are planning to make use of their abundant geothermal energy sources.

For those who would like to go, the best month to visit New Zealand would be in February because the weather during that time of the year is quite warm and settled. There are plenty of eco-tourism activities you can do in New Zealand. You can take a tour of Fiordland’s Milford Sound or watch some whales in Kaikoura. On top of that, if you’re fond of luxury treehouse suites, there is one located in Kaikoura.