Everything 3D: Wearable and Trending Tech on the Rise

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Everything 3D: Wearable and Trending Tech on the Rise

Back in 2018, we saw the growing popularity of the Apple Watch. Whether the tech product in question’s value and design are well worth the hype is still unclear. Putting that aside, Apple is still on its way in leading a resurgence.

It was in 2015 that smartwatches began to gain popularity. However, smartphones were still reigning at the time. In fact, the ratio of people using smartphones over smartwatches was 500:1 back at the time. Things are expected to improve, however, in 2020 since that same ratio is expected to drastically drop down to 20:1, which is no small feat.

Bearing this in mind, we can easily see how smartwatches and fitness trackers are going to continually rise in popularity. Not only is it convenient and easy to use, but it’s also trendy and appeals to the public’s taste. As a matter of fact, it could very well lead to the rise of wearable technology.

If you want to learn more about wearable tech in 2019, you can try to get some info from these amazing wearable tech devices:

Apple Watch

If we’re talking about wearable tech, then Apple Watch tops the list. I guess it’s safe to say that almost everyone knows what an Apple Watch is. This trendy wearable tech helps in giving you updates, track your fitness and overall health – And that includes your breathwork.

Apple Watch comes in many colors. There are basically endless options in terms of color and design that you can intricately choose how you want your Apple Watch to look like.

Fossil Smart Watch

If you want something low-key yet still trendy, then the Fossil SmartWatch is for you. This piece of wearable tech offers you the design of a regular watch along with the functionalities and benefits that a smartwatch can provide.

When you’re sporting this wearable tech, hardly anyone would ever notice that you’re actually wearing a high-tech wearable on your wrist. It’s a definite great fit.

Apple Air Pods

Nothing screams functionality and convenience than the Apple Air Pods. You can wear this wearable tech and listen to your favorite songs all day. Although it isn’t quite trendy compared to the other wearable tech this year, it still provides you with a convenient way to listen to music.

Not only did Apple take away the annoying cord, but they also ensured that the product would be low-key and convenient for the users. Now, it would even be better if Apple will release another batch of this exciting wearable tech with different fun colors to choose from. Here’s to hoping.

Beats Headphones

If Apple Air Pods are considered to be low-key wearable tech, then the Beats Headphones are bold and trendy. It’s definitely not ideal for people who want subtlety, which makes it perfect for people who want to stand out.

In terms of functionality, the Beats Headphones offer excellent sound quality as well as a wide choice of color options to choose from. With this wearable tech on, you’ll surely look cool wherever you go.

Leaf Chakra

The Leaf Chakra is a wearable tech that focuses on tracking your overall fitness, sleep, meditation. It can even provide you with some chakra healing techniques.

What makes Leaf Chakra stand out among many other wearable technologies is that it is absolutely hypoallergenic, not to mention sustainable and comprised of healing crystals.

June UV Monitoring Bracelet

This might come off as a surprise to you, but there is actually a wearable tech that monitors the extent of the skin’s exposure to UV rays.

Using this unique wearable tech, you can easily keep track of your sunburn when you go to the beach this summer.


If you’re more invested in fashionable wearable technology rather than functional wearable technology, then you’re going to love Ringly – an elegant wearable technology that was specially made to look like jewelry.

Even though it looks like a fashionable piece, Ringly is actually a fitness tracker. It provides you with all the benefits that you get from a fitness tracker minus the hassle of wearing a chunky device on your wrist.