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Expert Tips On Choosing Right Timber Flooring For Your House

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Expert Tips On Choosing Right Timber Flooring For Your House

Are you looking for floor design materials? Do you want to know the best timber flooring which you can use for your house? Well, in this article, we will give you the best ideas you can use for the timbers for flooring at your home. 

In this article, we will also cover the advantages and reasons to choose timber flooring for your houses. So let’s find out. 

Why Should You Use Timber Floors? 

You have different kinds of materials for your flooring as it attracts the guests and makes the interior of the house beautiful. There are many materials for flooring that you can choose, like wooden, laminated, marble flooring, and many more, but timber floors considered to be the best choice for the flooring.

If you live in a cold area, then choosing timber flooring is the right choice because it gives warmth to your feet on cold days, and they are firm and resilient.  Solid wood flooring and softwood flooring are the two kinds available in the market. Let’s check the advantages of timber flooring.

Timber Bathroom Flooring 

If you want to improve your bathroom’s look, you can try laminated timber floors as it gives the traditional and classy look to the bathroom. The laminated timber flooring works well as it gives the vintage look to your bathroom and creates the natural look of the materials without any special upkeep or maintenance. 

The laminated timber flooring is suitable for high moisture areas like showers and bathrooms. Using this flooring material would make your bathroom elegant and natural. 

Types of Timber Flooring

You can use different types of timber flooring at your house and make it more welcome and beautiful. Types of timber flooring available are:

1.Engineered Timber Flooring 

If your budget is tight and you want to reduce the noise in your apartment, then this flooring is best for you. It is made up of layers using rubber woods or plywood core with a layer of 4mm-6mm veneer at the top. Using engineered timber flooring is the best way to add an authentic touch to the old kitchen and make it alive. 

2.Solid Timber 

This style never goes out of fashion. The best quality of solid timber floor is that they are long-lasting, and if you want to restore their look, you have to polish them. But this type of timber flooring is not suitable for the moist area as when it comes in contact with the water or moisture, it got to swell up, and it is very expensive. 

3.Parquetry Flooring 

The parquetry flooring is best used for decorative flooring made up of both solid timber and engineered timber. The Parquetry Timber floor is used as strips placed on the floor to form designs and patterns. 

Choosing The Right Timber Floor

As you see the types of timber floors and the reason behind using them, you can choose the type of timber flooring according to your location, climate, and budget. There are different options for different purposes. The timber planks should be able to breathe and dry the moisture. It should not allow the moisture to cause damps or any other damages to the timber floors. With different timber flooring, you can choose the timber floor according to your idea or imagination, which you have in your mind regarding your house or apartment. 

So, with all the information we have gathered, we now know the different types of timber floors and their purposes. Now you can choose the timber floors according to your requirement and make your home and floor attractive and innovative.