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Eyebrow Trends That Women Will Love in 2019

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Eyebrow Trends That Women Will Love in 2019

People have been talking about the latest trends in fashion and hairstyle since the year began, but that’s not all 2019 has to offer. In 2019, there are various eyebrow trends that experts say will be huge and with good reason.

When you change your hairstyle or hair color, people immediately notice. Apparently, changing your eyebrow style also gets the same attention. It is believed to be one of the most significant transformations you can have with your face since it practically frames the face; thus, it naturally draws the attention of other people.

If you’re not sure what eyebrow style to try, then you could try experimenting with different eyebrow styles and see which one you like best. Luckily, there are a couple of eyebrow trends in 2019 that you can try. Whether you want to fill them in, brush them up, or grow them naturally, you’ll surely find the perfect eyebrow style for you this year. Here they are:

Au natural brows

During the past couple of years, girls have been filling in their eyebrows, contouring, and even getting eyebrow tattoos just to get that perfect eyebrow shape.

In 2019, the all-natural brow is making a grand comeback. Instead of using tons of makeup to create the perfect eyebrow, experts say that “au naturel” brows are going to be more in style.

To get an au naturel brow, use the natural shape of your brow and embrace thin areas as well as short tails. If you want to style it a bit, then you could apply a little brow gel and pluck out some stray eyebrows while filling in the tail using a fine pen. Of course, leaving them alone is best since all-natural brows are more beautiful.

Soap brows

If you like styling your brow, then you probably know what a brow gel is and how it is used. In 2019, however, we will get to see a whole new level of eyebrow style – Soap brows.

Soap brows are on a whole new level compared to eyebrows styled with brow gel. To get this look, you only need soap or a soap-brow product – Speaking of soap-brow products, SoapBrows is highly recommended.

Gently brush your brows all the way up vertically by using a clean spoolie, which gives your brows a fluffy effect with a strength that you can’t achieve when using gels. If you want, you can fill in sparse areas using a pen or pomade. 

Colored brows

A lot of us like to color our hair – Well, technically speaking, eyebrows are still hair. So, why don’t we try coloring them as well? Whether you want to be subtle and settle for natural shades like brown and black or go for bold colors like pink, blue, or even purple, changing the color of your brows can go a long way.

If you aren’t already aware, some salons provide this special treatment. If you aren’t keen on going to a salon, you can also try using DIY dying kits. If you’re still having second thoughts, you can just try to give your brows some little shade by taking a cream shadow or pomade and applying it through your brows using a clean spoolie. This little trick provides your brows with a subtle color that makes it look fun.

Whether you’re going for a natural brow or an edgy one, always remember to stick to a style that you feel comfortable with and one that gives you confidence because nothing is hotter than someone who’s confident and comfortable with herself.