Four Things in Fiji That You Need to Experience in 2019

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Four Things in Fiji That You Need to Experience in 2019

After everything that happened in Fiji, this hot summer destination is back and even better. Now, sitting at the top of the most popular and hottest tourist destination list, Fiji has a lot to offer to its welcomed guests.

From swimming and snorkeling to a great sunrise view and natural hot springs, Fiji has something to offer to everyone. Here are four things that you must experience during your visit to Fiji this 2019:

Sail around the island and snorkel in the crystal clear water

Among the six things we have on this list, this is probably the first thing you should do when you go to Fiji. Frankly, I don’t know anyone who would want to say no to the crystal blue waters of Fiji. I would recommend going to the Coral Cats. It’s amazing, if I could say so myself.

If you like going on cruises, you could try Captain Cook Cruises – They provide around four different day cruise choices to choose from. If you want a wider range of options, you could go with South Sea Cruises. Of course, don’t forget to try snorkeling. You definitely won’t regret trying it since you’ll get to see the best varieties of fish and wildlife.

Explore the garden of the sleeping giant

The garden of the sleeping giant, which was named after the mountain where it is located, offers more than 2,000 species of Asian orchids and Cattleya hybrids. The entrance fee is around $8, and it’s definitely worth every penny.

According to some guests and critics, the garden of the sleeping giant is one of the best kept horticultural secrets in the South Pacific. Everything is just so wonderful – From the spectacular orchids to the different varieties of tropical plants and flowers.

Relax at a natural hot spring

If you’re wondering about the things that you should do in Fiji, then it should definitely include relaxing at a natural hot spring. It might sound weird because it’s still summertime, but people say that going to a natural hot spring can be perfect for self-cleansing, not to mention it helps in beautifying yourself.

If you’re interested, go to the Sabeto Hot Springs, which is near the garden of the sleeping giant. It’s quite perfect. After you’ve gone for a stroll in the garden of the sleeping giant, you can have a relaxing time at the hot spring.

What you should do first is to cover yourself in warm mud that is naturally produced from the geothermal spring. Then, let all that mud bake in the sun. After a while, you can now wade into the pool and relax. The mud can be unusually creamy, but it is actually very soothing.

After the first mud bath, you are directed to another mud treatment. What comes next after that are 3 different clear spring baths – One after the other, you’ll notice that they are decreasing in temperature, which actually helps to wash away the dirt and clean, as well as cool you off.

Go to a Fijian village and have a drink together with the locals

After going to a natural hot spring, you should try to cross off the “Go to a Fijian village and have a drink together with the locals” item from your list. Seeing a Fijian village is actually kind of fun.

You are shown around where you get to see the life in a village. You are also allowed to talk and interact with the locals. Some traditional Fijian village also include a ceremony called Kava, which is a traditional Fijian drink that is made from a mixture of water and powdered root of the pepper plant.

It’s supposed to leave your mouth and tongue feeling a bit numb and tingly, but it makes you feel pretty relaxed at the same time. You won’t experience a true Fijian culture without trying this drink.