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Fun Learning Apps You Should Try with Your Kids

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Fun Learning Apps You Should Try with Your Kids

Early introduction to learning is important to a child’s growth. Now, your kids will come across all sorts of learning environments, but it is at home where they should first experience the process of learning.

Studies have shown that one way to raise a happy kid is to spend quality time with him or her. With that being said, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try learning things together in a fun and educative way. One approach that you can try is using learning apps together during your kids’ tech time. Here are four fun learning apps you should try with your kids:

Disney Story Central

Having the habit of reading to your kids every day can prove to be quite beneficial to your kids’ goal of learning a language and developing literacy skills. With the Disney Story Central app, you won’t have to look for new books to read because it offers a wide selection of e-books featuring various Disney characters that kids love. I mean, who doesn’t love Disney characters?

Bedtime storytelling just became more fun and interesting with read-along narrations and book recommendations that your kids will surely enjoy.

Goldie Blox and the Movie Machine

Goldie Blox and the Movie Machine is geared towards aspiring young filmmakers. The app is centered on a little girl engineer called Goldie. Goldie and her friends teach kids how to make their very own stop-motion short movies. The app also provides kids with the necessary tools that they can use such as templates, paint brushes, photo-capture, stamps, stickers, and many more.

Bring out the artistic side of your kids with this wonderful app. Not only will your kids be inspired to tap into their creativity, but you will also have something fun to do with them during your leisure time.

ShipAntics: The Legend of the Kiki Beast

If your kids are into puzzles and riddles, then they will surely love ShipAntics: The Legend of the Kiki Beast. In the app, kids get to join the crew of Captain Fred’s ship, the Barnacle. Join Amanda, Captain Fred’s daughter, and Otto, a playful baby octopus, and solve puzzles and riddles together.

In order to move forward in the game, kids need to talk to various characters in the app. To do this, they would need to read dialogue bubbles. Motivate your kids to read and learn how to solve mysteries with this super cool and old-school app.

Crayola Color, Draw & Sing

There’s no better way to spark a child’s imagination and artistic ability than through art. With the Crayola Color, Draw & Sing app, learning takes on a new level of creativity. It is entirely different than other coloring apps. What makes it special is that kids can choose to play a song that they can listen to while they are coloring something.

With every brush or stroke of a finger, a new instrument is unlocked. In addition, kids also learn the names and sounds of the different instruments in the orchestra. It is an addictive app that kids and adults alike will surely enjoy.

No one can argue the importance of learning and education to a child’s development; however, it is more important that, as parents, we try to inject a bit of ourselves in everything that our kids do.