Green Alternatives to try at Home

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Green Alternatives to try at Home

The green house effect has been a big concern for our society. As a matter of fact, it is the biggest cause of the destruction of the ozone layer. Recently, however, the ozone layer is gradually starting to heal itself – Thanks to the initiative, as well as support, of concerned organizations and governments.

As good citizens, we can help speed up this process by lending our fair share of support. We can change how we go about our everyday lives and start making greener choices. One way that we can do that is going plastic-free starting this 2019. Here are some non-plastic alternatives that you should consider using from now on:

Baby Bottles

Instead of using plastic baby bottles, you can start using glass bottles. Not only will it help to lessen your baby’s exposure to some of the harmful chemicals found in plastic bottles, but it will also preserve the milk’s natural taste and help in making this world a greener place.

Just a word of advice: when you do decide to use glass bottles for your babies, be very cautious and try to avoid having any accidents from happening. Of course, there are risks involved when using glass bottles. For instance, your baby may drop the bottle and break it as a result. Not only will that pose a risk of injury to your baby but to other people in the house as well.

To avoid any of that, you should use a silicone sleeve so that you can prevent any breakage. Also, you should inspect the glass bottles regularly for any chips or cracks.

Baby Cups, Baby Spoons, and Dishware

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, most plastic containers – Especially those that are made to store or come in contact with any food – include some chemicals that have estrogenic activity. This even includes those plastic containers that are labeled as BPA-free.

Furthermore, it has been found that more than half plastic items being marketed today contain chemicals that mimic estrogen. Now, this is even without exposure to dishwashers, microwaves, or direct sunlight.

In order to prevent your child from being exposed to these dangerous chemicals, you can swap to wooden or even high-grade stainless steel utensils and ceramic dishware instead of the usual plastic wares. 

Water Bottles

Similar to baby cups, you can start swapping from plastic water bottles to non-plastic alternatives like glass bottles or stainless steel bottles. Remember that the label “BPA-free” doesn’t guarantee that those plastic bottles are free from harmful chemicals that may have estrogenic activity.


Babies love toys. That is a universal truth. When they play with their toys, they usually put it inside their mouth. Now, plastic toys can potentially contain some harmful chemicals with estrogenic activity.

When you do buy toys for your babies, choose toys that have the label PVC-free and phthalate-free. If possible, it is better to buy wooden toys instead since they are more durable, eco-friendly, and natural as opposed to plastic toys. Moreover, choose wooden toys that are designed using natural glue and paint. Also, look for toys that have been tested for safety.

Shopping Bags

One big chunk of plastic wastes that are being dumped in landfills today is plastic shopping bags. In fact, millions of tons of plastic bags end up in landfills every year.

Instead of asking for plastic shopping bags, you can bring your own reusable shopping bag whenever you go to the grocery store. Make it a habit and help in making our world a greener and better place to live.