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Hair Color Trends that are in Style in 2019

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Hair Color Trends that are in Style in 2019

When it comes to trends in the beauty industry, nothing ever really goes out of style for a long time. In case you don’t already know this, there are things that are called “retro”. With that said, you will come to realize one way or another that all kinds of hairstyles and colors naturally come and go.

If you want to get ahead in terms of hair color trends in 2019, then you should probably check out the following hair color trends – While we’re on the subject, they are all absolutely wearable. Here they are in no particular order:

Baby Blonde

For people who absolutely love their blonde hair, you don’t have to give it up just so you could follow what’s hot. In 2019, you will see different shades of blonde coming in style, and one of them is baby blonde. This particular hair color is inspired by the sun-brightened, natural streaks you would normally see on surfers.

As a friendly tip, make sure to choose the pale blonde tones instead of the pure icy tones.

Creamy Blonde

While icy blonde and the platinum blonde were a huge thing back in 2018, they aren’t so fashionable in 2019. Lean toward something warmer, such as creamy blonde, since it is more manageable yet still manages to make you look fabulous.

Strawberry Honey

If you’re a huge fan of golden blonde and vibrant copper shades, then you’re going to love strawberry, honey. Not only does it offer a substantial amount of dimension and shine, but it also has this subtle way of inserting a shade of red without overdoing it.

Strawberry honey is also perfect for women who love bright orange hair colors but don’t have enough resolve to actually go for a full orange tone.

Sweet Honey

Do you love Rapunzel’s beautiful blonde locks? If so, then sweet honey is as close to that shade of blonde as you could get. In 2019, experts say that this golden tone of mixed honey and butter is sure to be a big hit.

Golden Blonde

Another shade of blonde that will set a trend in 2019 is golden blonde. You could try to bring light to the tips of your golden blonde hair with caramel or honey gold highlights. If you wanted something that is low maintenance, then you could also blend the color into the roots of your hair.

Brown Caramel

If different shades of warm blonde tones are setting a trend in 2019, then you could also say the same thing for subtle caramel tones. If you don’t look good with a blonde hair, then you could try a dark brown hair color and give it a bit of dimension by incorporating a soft caramel-colored balayage.

However, if you have blonde hair, then you can go for the same effect by having a shadowed root using warm or medium brown lowlights.

Copper Red

If you aren’t a fan of brown and blonde tones, then you can try this fashionable tone of copper red instead.

If you are brunette and would like to spice up your hair color, then you can add copper red highlights to your locks. It is a polished way of adding sparkle and liveliness to your hair without exaggerating it. If you aren’t a fan of copper red, then you could substitute it with auburn, cinnamon, or maroon.

Jet Black

Jet black is arguably one of the hair colors that never go out of style since it looks so elegant and timeless. It is also considered to be the darkest shade of black hair. If you want to try having a jet black hair, then remember that it looks better when it’s glossy.