Hidden Features on Airplanes

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If you have ever traveled before, then you’ve probably experienced riding in an airplane. Now, airplanes can be quite fascinating, but I bet you didn’t know that there are more features on it than the oxygen mask, the life vest, and its other common features.

Below are the hidden features on airplanes that you probably aren’t aware of:

Secret sleeping spaces

If you have been on an airplane before, then you know how exhausting it can get – especially if you’re in a long-haul flight. Now, imagine being a cabin crew or a pilot on a 14-hour work shift.

Hidden Features on Airplanes

It really is quite an exhausting job. So, some airlines make sure that some of their planes, such as Boeing 787 and 777, have secret sleeping spaces that the crew can use to get some shut-eye.

The magic button for extra room

I know that some of us prefer to get the window seat, but what some of us don’t know is that being on an aisle seat is actually great. Not only can you get up and leave without difficulty, but – thanks to one of the best secret airplane features – you could get an extra room at the push of a secret button.

magic button

The button is usually located under the armrest that is closest to the aisle, right around near the hinge. After pressing the button, you can swing the armrest up. Now, you have more space to move your legs around.

The hidden handrail

If you’re anything like me, then you probably get irritated when people forcefully grab your seat when they’re getting up or when they’re on their way to the restroom. Heck, even you must be doing the same thing when you walk down the aisle of the plane.

hidden handrail

Using this hidden handrail, you’ll never have to grab any seat ever again. Just below the overhead compartment, there is a scalloped area that provides you a better grip when you need to get up or when you need to walk down a moving plane.

Holes in the windows

To everyone who’s ridden on an airplane before, I’m pretty sure that you’ve noticed this little hole in the bottom of the airplane window. If you didn’t, then you should look closely at it the next time you fly. Now, if you look closer, you will realize that it’s unlike any other windows since it is made of three panes.

Hidden Features on Airplanes

The hole that I’m talking about is in the middle one. The purpose of this hole is to protect against the pressure drop when the plane is flying high into the atmosphere since outside pressure drops significantly when a plane climbs up. Since the cabin is specially designed to stay at a comfortable pressure, it leaves a huge gap in pressure between the outside and inside of the cabin. Now, the outside window deals with most of the pressure. In order to balance the pressure difference, that’s where the hole comes in.

Triangle above window

If you look closely at the walls of the plane, you’ll see a black triangle above four windows. Each of these triangles lines up with the edge of the airplane’s wing. The purpose of these triangles, as well as their placement, is for the flight attendants to know where they need to stand when they need to check the airplane’s flaps or slats, which are the moving parts on an airplane wing.

Triangle above window

Also, passengers – especially those who often get motion sickness during a plane ride – can use these triangles to know where they need to sit in order to have the smoothest ride. Since the center of a plane’s gravity is located in the wings, sitting between them would prevent you from getting motion sickness.