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Hottest Summer Trends in 2019

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Hottest Summer Trends in 2019

Summer has already begun, and it’s a definite scorcher this year. If you still don’t have any go-to outfits for this summer of 2019, then you’re lucky because you will get to know some of the hottest summer trends in 2019 straight from designers.

From sequins and tie-dye to oversized hats and puffed-shoulder pieces, you will find some of the biggest fashion trends this summer of 2019 in this article. Here are they are in no particular order:

Oversized hats

We’ve already seen a lot of oversized hats during the summer of 2018. One such statement piece that comes to mind is a Jacquemus La Bomba hat, which was very popular and well-liked last year.

This year, it seems like the trend is making a comeback in a big way. It seems like a number of brands are now trying to recreate the same effect that the Jacquemus La Bomba hat did in 2018. Now that’s something to look forward to in this year’s summer season.

Sensible shorts

While cycling shorts have taken the spotlight last year, there is going to be a massive change this year. In 2019, we will be seeing something much looser. Fashion designers say that this year will be a year for a more boyish alternative of micro and knee-length shorts and skirts.         


Although we’ll be seeing a lot of new things from the fashion industry in 2019, there are also a few ones making a comeback – One such fine example of this is the tie-dye.

Some people might be surprised that this 8th-century practice is still popular today in 2019, but it makes sense. As you will see, 2019 did a whole new take on this retro fashion, making it a lot more fashionable than before. You can even try matching two pieces of tie-dye clothing for a bolder look. If you want to look laid-back, you can try a subtle approach – A beach maxi.

Fancy flats

Summer fashion in 2019 calls for comfy footwear, and what screams comfy footwear more than flat shoes. Flats allow us to feel cool and comfy under the scorching heat of the sun as we enjoy a long walk in the park or while we’re at the beach.

While most runway models are sporting stiletto heels during the winter and spring collections, 2019’s summer collections are going to be flooded by fancy flats.


If you’re more into daring fashion, then you can try wearing neon clothing in 2019 since they are back in fashion. After all those years that pastel colors are ruling over the fashion industry, neon colors are finally back with a bang this 2019.

Whether you want to wear one neon clothing or matching neon clothes, people will surely love the vibrant zesty hues that neon colors bring.

Puffed-shoulder clothing

In the past, we’ve seen different kinds of new things coming into the trend – Like, for example, padded shoulders, batwing sleeves, muscle sleeves, et cetera.

In the summer of 2019, a new fashion style is coming into the trend – Puffed-shoulder clothing, which is achieved by gathering pieces of the fabric at the shoulder using pleats of elastic. Puffed shoulder works especially well with square necklines. Here’s another thing to look forward to in 2019’s summer season.