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How to Build Strong and Lasting Bonds with Your Child

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How to Build Strong and Lasting Bonds with Your Child

As parents, it is important that we establish a good relationship with our kids. After all, having a strong parent-child bond could mean the difference between raising a happy and confident child from raising a gloomy and insecure one.

Building strong and lasting bonds with your child will lead to lots of benefits. Not only will it strengthen your relationship with your child, but it will also help you foster trust and confidence in him or her.

Here are some useful tips on how you could build strong and lasting bonds with your child:

Let your child know that you love him or her through actions.

Take some time every day to tell your child how much you love him or her. To put more emphasis on that, show your child just how much you love him or her through loving actions like hugs, cuddles, and kisses, among others. Children are able to recognize emotions of love, compassion, and gratitude by means of blind touch.

When children know that they are loved, then they are able to live out happier and healthier lives. Even if it’s only for a short while, take the time to express your affection and your love towards your child. Giving a piggyback ride now and then wouldn’t hurt, too.

Read bedtime stories to your child every night.

Children love hearing bedtime stories. Reading to your child will not only help him or her sleep faster, but it also enables you to make warm and loving memories together. It may not seem much now, but you will see just how important doing this one little thing will be at some point. Who knows, maybe you’ll be surprised to see that your child is doing the same thing for his or her children in the future.

Set aside some play time with your child.

No matter how busy you may get, never forget to play with your child. Since playing is the universal language of children, it isn’t surprising that you try to connect with your child through it. Doing so lets you be up-to-date with your child’s interests and allows you to create fun memories together.

Getting yourself involved during playtime also lets your child see you more like a friend who he or she can count on anytime rather than just an intimidating authority figure.

Engage in sing and dance with your child.

Singing and dancing are a fun way to bond and create memories with your child. Don’t be afraid of looking silly. Sing and dance to your heart’s content and encourage your child to do the same. This will not only help you build strong and lasting bonds with your child, but it can also help bolster their self-confidence.

Listen to what your child is actually saying.

It’s always easy to say that we are listening to your children, but do we really hear what our children have to say? Hearing and listening are two completely different things. You may hear what someone is saying, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are listening. It isn’t so much as they words but that you actually pay attention to what your child is saying.

When you really listen, it lets you understand your child better. It also makes your child feel that you are sincerely interested in getting to know him or her and that you genuinely care. As a result, your parent-child bond will definitely grow stronger.

By now you’d have realized that you are already connecting with your child through some of these methods. No matter how you do it, you must remember that the most important thing here is that you make time for your child and that you try to “be there” for him or her. After all, is said and done, your presence alone has the most significant impact on your child’s life.