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How to Make the Most of a Small Room

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How to Make the Most of a Small Room

With more and more people choosing city life–for convenience, as a lifestyle preference and for many more reasons–the challenge of living in smaller spaces grows. The options for living in a big house in these areas aren’t always the most affordable or readily available. So, people make do with the likes of studio apartments or two-bed apartments with only a little bit more room. Or even micro homes in some cases. 

Therefore, there are a few tricks which you can employ to make your small room feel like a palace… or at least a little bit bigger. 

Use Expanding Colours

Colour is a transformative element for any room. Bright colours, as the logic goes, work to help a small space feel larger. However, in a truly small space what you need to do, more than anything, is to create contrast. This is where mixing dark colours and light colours together can be a truly transformative experience for your room. 

For example, if the small room you are looking to decorate is the kitchen. One way to create depth and the illusion of more space is to have light coloured cupboards on your wall, but then deeper coloured cabinets underneath. The walls can then also be a lighter colour (to absorb the cupboards somewhat and make them disappear). The contrast this creates can be startling. 

Of course, the best way to contrast your room to increase the feeling of space can vary wildly room to room. So, you may have to experiment with different colours and techniques to make this work well. 

Go Large with Accessories 

One of the growing issues with modern living is the amount of clutter that we tend to accumulate over time. A little duck figurine here, a vase full of pot pourri there and suddenly your room is overrun with knick-knacks. 

Rather than take up space unnecessarily, larger decorate objects can work to give your room accents it needs. But, more importantly, it doesn’t feel cluttered in doing so. Lots of small accessories can quickly begin to make a small space feel overly full, even when the same items wouldn’t make a bigger room feel cluttered at all. 

So, limiting yourself to a handful for larger accents can be just what your room needs. You may be surprised by how much more space you feel you have! Space you can fill with perfectly chosen furniture

Be Creative with the Storage 

Storage is the small room’s best friend, it’s a fact. 

Not only does it give you somewhere to store things when you have limited space in that room and the house as a whole. But, it also means that you have somewhere to quickly tuck away room clutter. So, when guests appear or it all feels a little bit too much you have a quick escape plan. 

Storage solutions for small rooms can get incredibly creative – especially considering the contemporary furniture now available. From bookcases which become part of the wall, hidden storage boxes in the nook of your window or even roll out storage from underneath beds/couches/any other piece of furniture that you can think of. 

Light It Up 

The issue with a small room is that the darker it is, the more cramped it can suddenly feel. If you don’t utilise light–natural or artificial–you could be missing a trick when it comes to your small space. 

One way to better use natural light is with the help of a mirror. Placing a large mirror on the darkest wall of a room can help to reflect the light, making the space both brighter and giving the feeling that the space as a whole is larger/more expansive. 

Using multiple lamps to spread out the light in your room more evenly can also be useful. It evens out the feeling of light, making the space more expansive. If you have limited or poor natural light in the room, then this can also be a real boon. 

Finishing Up… 

Space isn’t always a luxury we can afford, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of what we do have. Little tricks really can make a difference, so long as you apply them right. So try out something from the above! It may transform the way you see your small space and give you a little more room to breathe.