Kid-Friendly Travel Destinations You Should Visit in 2019

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Kid-Friendly Travel Destinations You Should Visit in 2019

When you’re traveling with your family, especially when you have children with you, you have to consider the perfect travel destination. The best thing to consider is a place that can provide hands-on activities, as well as a place with great visuals and history, so as to keep your young ones from getting bored.

Kid-Friendly Travel

If you’re always considering this, you most likely won’t hear the dreaded “Where do we go next?” or “Aren’t we going to go home yet?” Remember that the world is a vast place. So, why not let your young ones explore it, bit by bit.

Of course, you also must consider accessibility when picking out a place. Considering all three factors – Fun level, visually appealing, and accessibility – here are some of the best kid-friendly travel destinations you should visit with your family in 2019:


London’s popularity with kids today is probably due to some famous literature and films – Like, Harry Potter, for example. Also, probably because of this literature and films, kids relate to London with mystery and adventure.

Take your kids to see the River Thames and the Tower of London. Give them a chance to ogle the Crown Jewels, along with its 23,578 gems. You can also take a tour that includes chilling stories about the tower’s history. Lastly, if they’re brave enough, let them explore the interactive prisoners’ exhibit that features the people who lived and died in this prison.


While Berlin may not be a well-known kid-friendly travel destination, it’s one of the best destinations for kids. Berlin offers its lively, exciting art and food scene. In fact, Berlin offers the best breakfast in all of Europe.

You can also take your kid’s biking. A lot of people from Berlin ride on their bikes each day. You can ride alongside Berliners as you explore the city. After your ride, go to the Zoological Garden, which is Germany’s first zoo. The zoo offers one of the most comprehensive collections of species across the globe, with over 20,000 animals and around 1,380 different species.


Kids always love a good old ghost story, right? Then they are going to love Philly. Take them on a ghost tour, which is comprised of 90 minutes of a candle-lit stroll. During the tour, you will be able to see the Independence Hall, the ancient City Tavern, and the Powel House, where President George Washington and his wife celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

Oh, and by the way, the tour will be led by a lantern-carrying guide. However, that’s not the freaky part, it’s this: all the stories about the ghosts are actually based on documented accounts, which make them freaky indeed. That’s not all. You can also take your kids to the Franklin Institute, which is a world-class science museum, and to the Please Touch Museum, which has a kid-sized environment.

New York City

There’s something about this city that appeals to the general public, and kids are no exception to that. Moreover, the American Museum of Natural History is a proven magnet for kids of all size and ages.

Let your kids see the most popular “dinosaurs in the attic,” which features some of the best-reconstructed dinosaurs remains in the world, and the suspended blue whale model located in the hall of marine life.