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Life after the Covid-19 Pandemic

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Life after the Covid-19 Pandemic

On March 16, 2020, most of the United States had gone on a sudden lockdown. There were thousands of people running to the store to stock up on supplies, mainly toilet paper for some reason, and preparing for what we thought was a two week, maybe one-month quarantine. Months before this, mostly the rest of the world had already been on lockdown for several weeks. Covid-19 or the Coronavirus came to the world with such a vast spread that it forced everyone’s busy lives to come to an abrupt halt. Everyone from the poorest to the richest celebrities was forced to sit at home and entertain themselves until a time that still has yet to be determined.

Streets everywhere were empty, people were forced out of their jobs, and parents had to suddenly become stay at home teachers. An added stress which many parents were not prepared for. Although in the United States, some cities have begun to reopen in stages hoping to bring things back to normal, many other countries are still shut down. With people out of work, numbers still rising, questions about vaccines still unanswered, and people still not understanding how they can get the Coronavirus even while being cautious, how will things get back to normal? How can we get back to the fun and living life as we know it after a global pandemic?

Working from Home

With everyone at home, some companies have either had to furlough employees, lay them off, or have them work remotely. With the convenience of technology and how advanced it is with built-in cameras on our laptops, a lot of people have had the opportunity to work remotely. Several businesses are even considering keeping some positions permanently remote because they see how convenient it is and how the position doesn’t have to be onsite. With people realizing that their job can be done at home and many actually like that option better than getting up at 5:00 a.m. every day, the preference of working from home is most likely going to increase once the global lockdown has passed. It may present a positive effect on businesses everywhere.

Recreational Activities

When the world shut down so did a number of recreational fun activities that people were going to or planning on going to, were canceled. Things like going to the movies, parks, theme parks, and concerts were all axed once we realized we weren’t being let out of the house anytime soon and germs were being spread rapidly. It is still unclear how these types of activities will work once the quarantine is over. At a concert or festival, you can’t just sell 100 tickets for a venue, no one would make any money, especially the musical artist. It’s the same with movies or theme parks, it would take too much time to clean every seat and roller coaster every time a group of people left the movie or got off of the ride.

Everyone is now a germaphobe

When it comes to interacting with people, we are now more conscious about cleanliness and washing our hands than before the pandemic. Although these are basic precautions we should have taken before, now everyone feels like if they stand too close, forget to wash their hands, or don’t have their mask on then they are going to end up in the hospital after two weeks or die. So, what will the idea of making new friends feel like or how can you find a date if everyone is wearing a mask?

This pandemic has already left us feeling awkward when you are used to shaking someone’s hand or giving them a hug to greet and now you have to give a fist or elbow bump. With things opening up slowly but the pandemic not really being over it looks like treating everyone like they have the cooties will be our new normal. However we make it through, the world for a fact will not be the same way that it was before the year 2020.