Lifestyle Trends that are Going to Rock in 2019

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Lifestyle Trends that are Going to Rock in 2019

If you’re one of those people who like to move with the times and keep up with various lifestyle trends, then I bet you think that experimenting with different kinds of things is fun and exciting. Over time, those things become a part of your day-to-day life.

Even though it’s already the middle of April, we’ll try to see what the experts have to say about the biggest lifestyle trends in 2019. Below you will find different lifestyle trends in various industries that are expected to make a huge wave in 2019:

Menstrual cups

2019 is a year for health and wellness. In the health department, we are expecting menstrual cups to become more mainstream in comparison to tampons. Unlike before, people today are more drawn to things that are better for their body, wallet, and environment.

This kind of mindset is a growing trend that experts are expecting to last for a seriously long time. Just think about not having to buy tampons or pads again.

Plant-based skincare products

Organic skincare products are sold in the market for years. However, in 2019, experts are expecting plant-based skincare products to sell more.

Among the many plant-based skincare products that are available to the public, there are certain products that will obviously become the people’s favorites. Some of those products are facial cleansers, facial scrubs, and moisturizers that are made from plants and fruit.

It isn’t so surprising to hear. Like what was mentioned earlier, people will naturally choose products that are good for them, their wallet, and their environment. Why choose toxic products when you can buy products that will care for you and for the environment?

Mindful exercise

Since 2019 is a year for health and wellness, we expect to see some form of wellness trend making it big this year. In 2019, we will see a lot of people becoming interested in mindful exercises.

Our bodies have always been fragile and complex. So, we need to learn how to take care of it to the best of our abilities. Try to live by this philosophy, “Quality over quantity.” The best example of this trend is LIIT or low-intensity interval training. Quite like HIIT, it consists of intervals of lower and higher intensity. It is also quite effective in muscle building and fat reduction but not as severe as HIIT.

Non-surgical procedures

Another lifestyle trend that is going to be a hit in 2019 is a non-surgical procedure. The reason for this is because people are looking for ways to enhance their appearance without going under the knife, spending too much money, and having to deal with long recovery time.

Non-surgical procedures were starting to gain popularity even before 2019. However, in 2019, non-surgical procedures are expected to continue to grow in popularity. Some of the non-surgical procedures to look out for are stem cell experimentation and cooling and heating procedures.

Green Travel

Aside from health and wellness, 2019 is also a time for sustainability and being cost-conscious. People nowadays are becoming more and more aware of how and what they spend their money on.

So, in terms of travel, we expect to see a lot of travelers opting for greener ways to travel in 2019. Some of the greener ways to travel are using greener transportation, riding in public transport, staying at eco-friendly hotels, packing lightly, and even traveling to greener destinations.

Postpartum parties

Lastly, we have a surprising new trend going on for 2019 – Postpartum parties. For years, we’ve been celebrating childbirth and having baby showers. In 2019, postpartum parties will become more popular than baby showers.

Since new moms usually experience depression and an unusual amount of stress after childbirth, having a postpartum party offers them a great way to celebrate their new baby and improve their overall mood.