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Low-Cost Gift Ideas for Mom

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Low-Cost Gift Ideas for Mom

Is your mom’s birthday coming up and you still don’t have an idea what to give her for her birthday? Well, here are some really cool yet low-cost gift ideas that you can consider:

Best “mom” mug

Yes, I know, you want to avoid giving coffee mugs to your mom. However, this one is not only cheap, but it’s also pretty hilarious. Nothing screams I-want-to-be-your-favorite-kid-in-the-whole-wide-world more than this.

Bonsai Trio Kit

If your mom is into gardening, this present is the best choice to give her. Now she has a bonsai to make her smile on top of the countless rows of roses and geraniums that she has on her garden. Who knows, maybe she’ll love it better than her roses.

Personalized necklace with your mom’s initials

If you’re planning on giving your mom a piece of jewelry but don’t have the budget, then a personalized necklace is a perfect gift idea. You can even put her initials so as to make it more personal and appealing.

Evening date with mom

Remember that effort is way better than expensive gifts. So, go ahead and take your mom to a memorable date. You don’t even have to go far. You can design the living room, turn off the lights, light up some candles, rent some DVDs that your mom will like, and prepare some snacks. As something extra, you can make her feel like a queen by being at her beck and call.

Give Her a Massage

Moms usually have a lot of things going on. She has to take care of the kids and the house. So, on her special day, treat her to a relaxing body massage. After everything that she has done for the family, she deserves this kind of pampering.

Give Her a Day Off

Tell your mom that she doesn’t have to do a single chore. Do all the household chores that your mom usually handles. Give her the day off and let her lay down and enjoy being lazy for once.

Make a Scrapbook

Instead of buying her a present, give her something personal by making a scrapbook that is filled with your most fond memories together. Dig out all the old photos that you have and see her eyes sparkle as she remembers all the times you spent together.

Cook Something Yummy

Even if you’re not talented in the kitchen, your mom will surely appreciate your effort in cooking something for her. You can ask someone to teach you how to cook, or you can just follow the steps from a recipe online. You don’t have to cook something complicated. As long as you made it with love, I’m sure that your mom will like it. Oh, be sure to clean up all the mess after you’re done with the cooking.

Create a Mini-Movie

If you think that scrapbooks are old school, you can try your hand in creating a mini-movie for your mom using an app on your mobile phone. Choose all your favorite photos together and pick a memorable song that the two of you can relate to.

These are all the cool gift ideas that you can choose from. Whatever you choose to give to your mom, always keep in mind that what really matters the most is the thought behind the present and the effort that you put in.