Managing Your Time Wisely: Smart Time Management Tips

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Managing Your Time Wisely: Smart Time Management Tips

The saying “Time is gold” can literally be interpreted as saying that time is precious and important. That is especially true today when there are always a lot of things that need to get done. There’s a lot of work but not enough time to do it. Then, tell me, how fare you get things done?

If you can stay calm and learn how to focus under pressure, I’m sure you will get by. However, if you freak out at the slightest of pressure, then you need to read this now. Here are some tips that you can follow to efficiently manage your time.

  1. Learn which tasks are important.

Before you get started on the things that you need to do, try to determine first which of them are important and which of them needs to be done quickly. To help you get a clear picture, take a piece of paper and divide it into four parts. On the first quadrant, write the words “Important and Urgent”. On the other quadrant beside it, write the words “Important but Not Urgent”. On the remaining two quadrants, write the words “Not Important but Urgent” and “Not Important and Not Urgent”. After you’ve done that, categorize and write each task under these four quadrants.

  1. Focus on the important tasks first.

It is important to remember that when you’re multitasking, the tasks that you should prioritize are those that are important. Remember the piece of paper with the four quadrants that we talked about? Get that piece of paper and start doing the tasks under the “Important and Urgent” quadrant first, to be followed by “Important but Not Urgent”, “Not Important but Urgent”, and “Not Important and Not Urgent”.

If you’re unable to finish all the tasks on that piece of paper, it’s totally okay as long as you finish the ones under the “Important” quadrants. Don’t worry because you still have tomorrow to do the other tasks.

  1. Realize that you don’t always have to say “yes” to everything.

Always remember that you’re not a robot and that you can get overwhelmed and tired as well. If you always say “yes” to everything, then it might leave you with a lot of workloads that you can handle. It is perfectly okay to say “no” when you know that you already have a lot on your plate.

In those times that you feel like you are already doing a lot of things, learn to take a breather and decline some tasks. The things that you need to focus on are things that are important and things that you know you can do with the time that you have. 

  1. Get enough sleep.

Most people think that they are able to do more work if they sacrifice a couple of hours of sleep, but it’s actually the opposite. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body and mind won’t be able to perform at its best. So, get enough sleep to ensure that you will be able to do your tasks more efficiently.

Other Time Management Tips
  • Focus on the task that you’re doing.
  • It doesn’t always have to be perfect.
  • Convert your regular tasks into a habit.
  • Set a deadline for each task.
  • Take a break between tasks.
  • Avoid overwhelming yourself by thinking of all the work.
  • Be organized.
  • Be committed to your plans.
  • Do similar tasks together.

These are all great tips that can help you manage your time wisely in the future, but there is still something that you should always consider: finding joy or enjoyment in your work. Work doesn’t always have to be serious. You can have fun and enjoy even when working. When you’re doing something that you enjoy, you naturally do it better. Confucius even said, “Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”