Matthew Signer on The Process of Making Movies

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Matthew Signer on The Process of Making Movies

What makes a movie work? Does the success of a film rely solely on talented actors? Or is it more important to have a well-written script? According to Matthew Signer, a senior executive producer with over seventeen years of experience, every aspect of the filmmaking process is crucial to making a movie. It’s all about collaboration. 

“A film is not just about the story. Even the most unique story may fall short of expectations if it doesn’t have skillful actors or a good director to guide the film. Every department has to work at its best to make the film successful. My role is important because I oversee all aspects of the process.” Matt said. 

The art of filmmaking

Once the budget is in place, the director is able to plan and prepare for shoots accordingly. “The director, in conjunction with the line producer, often has to improvise and come up with innovative ideas to cut down costs. I’ve worked on both big-budget and small-budget films, and even though a big-budget film has more money and therefore more resources than a smaller-budget film, sticking to the budget and figuring out how to create the best possible story is a challenge no matter what. Without a talented, creative, and resourceful team, there’s no way you’re going to make it work. Knowing how to cut costs and stick to a budget without compromising the quality of the film is a rare talent,” said Matt. 

Although the need to stick to a budget and constantly consider costs can seem intimidating and like it may get in the way of the artistic process, Matt says it’s truly just another creative aspect of filmmaking. “Working within your means and being innovative enough to tell a story and make a movie with whatever resources are available to you is a part of filmmaking,” he said.  

Matt’s involvement in filmmaking

Matt began his career as an on-set production assistant in New York where he learned the ins and outs of the business. “The hours were long and it was tough, but it was also a lot of fun. I’m super grateful for it all because it all led to me where I am today,” Matt said. As an on-set production assistant, Matt established connections with producers, directors, and screenwriters, and was able to learn firsthand what it means to make a movie. “Being on set gave me invaluable experience that absolutely helped me in becoming an executive producer. There’s no better way to learn about filmmaking than to spend time on set,” Matt said. Matt spent fourteen years in New York, much of that time working as an EP and studio executive before he moved to Los Angeles.  

Matt has been a part of many successful movies and TV shows. He never backs away from taking on challenges and believes he can bring the best out of his team with his leadership skills.