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Mindful Exercises for Stressed Out Moms in 2019

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Mindful Exercises for Stressed Out Moms in 2019

As mothers– regardless of whether you’re a full-time mom, working mom, single mom, et cetera – we have so many roles to juggle. We have to be a mom, a friend, a playmate, a lover, a manager, a sister or friend, a chef, and many others.

With all these different roles, it can feel a bit overwhelming at times. Our job is to take care of the family’s needs. However, looking at it now, who is there to look after us? So, what we, mothers, should be doing is to make sure that we don’t forget to also put our needs above so many others.

Before we become overfatigued, stressed, or even ill, we should try to learn how to better take care of our body and overall health. One great way is to perform mindful exercises. Below you will find some of the best mindful exercises for stressed-out moms in 2019:

Take a bit of “snap” break

There are times when we get so overwhelmed with all the tasks that we need to finish combined with all the other stressors around us – Like, shrieking kids and annoying neighbors, for example – that one normal reaction would be to snap.

Before you could get to that point, try taking a “snap” break. Pull away from all the chaos and noise and get inside somewhere safe and quiet to collect your thoughts. Now, do the “snap” (Stop, notice, accept, and pay attention to your breathing) break.

First, stop what you were going to say or do. Try to refrain doing something that you will regret later. After that, try to notice and assess your body sensations. Accept the fact that you won’t be able to control anything. So, now, focus on your breath and keep breathing at a steady pace. Repeat these steps as required.

Enjoy a cup of coffee

There is now such a thing as a coffee mindful break. You can now take your caramel macchiato or green tea and start doing this next mindful exercise.

Now, the best posture would be to sit tall in a position that is the most comfortable for you. You can choose to sit on a chair, on the floor, or even on a cushion. Then, try to enjoy the feeling of warmth that the cup of coffee or tea brings. Lift the cup to your nose and slowly take in the scent. Then, without even thinking clearly, you’ll notice that your hand instinctively lifts the cup to your mouth and you slowly enjoy the warm drink.

Look into your kids’ eyes

When you truly focus your eyes on some things, you usually start to see things and then realize something important in the process. For instance, just by looking at your child’s eyes, you might remember how amazing he or she is. Then, you start to realize how you’re not paying your child enough attention and that you need to start improving on that part.

So, whenever you get the chance, spend some time with your children. Look into their eyes and savor the moment. Lastly, make a vow that you will always remember what really matters in your life. In that one moment, you’ll see how one small act can actually help in changing an ordinary moment into something extraordinary.