My Favorite Book for Self-Development

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Many people are trying to improve some aspects of their lives. They are mostly concerned with money and related issues. You can find numerous books on the subject. How to Become Rich, How to Make Million in One Year, How to Earn Money Fast are some headlines of the books that you can find in bookstores or online. It seems sometimes the world is overloaded with such kind of books. They are all searching for a short recipe to become rich overnight, but we all know it is an impossible mission.

Making big income requires very hard work. Nothing is falling from the sky. There is no book that makes miracle only you can do that. Not by the recipe but following your own life path. Instead of searching a universal solution for prosperity, you should focus directly on yourself. The way of perception is very important here. If you strongly believe in something, it slowly becomes possible. The universe is our reflection, and power is in our hands.

Power of Now

A few months ago, I read a book with a similar title. Its name is “Power of Now” and it was written by a Canadian writer Eckhart Tolle. Different tactics are intelligently explained and presented there, and they can significantly improve your life. The book states that we are losing too much energy on unimportant things and that we are not focused on things we truly want. So that was the reason why we miss them out.

We are thinking about the past and imagining some wonderful future forgetting that only present really exist. If you do nothing now, you should not expect any positive changes tomorrow. All have made mistakes in their lives. No one is perfect and unmistakable. You can do nothing about that, and you should now worry about the past because it does not exist anymore, only present is here. People are often concerned with the mistakes they made in past and that blocks them to move further.

Focus on Yourself

But they are irrelevant for your future if you decide to step forward and do what is necessary. We are the rulers of our destiny, and we are creating it good or bad. It depends on our actions. What we do today, not yesterday or tomorrow, just today. That is what I have learned while reading “Power of Now” and it is a book I would recommend to all. There are many interesting facts inside of it, and if you love reading books, you will certainly enjoy with this one.

It teaches new things and skills that all should know. Instead of focusing just on a particular problem in searching for the solution, you can get a new set of skills preventing them in the future. Besides, this is not a new concept, and there are some other similar books that teach the same thing. For instance, The Fourth Way or The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution by P. D. Ouspensky brings the same message while covering the same subject. If you have read one of those, then you are most likely familiar with the topic and know what benefits it brings.