Natalia Elenkina on Getting What You Want in Life

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Natalia Elenkina on Getting What You Want in Life

What’s holding you back from becoming the next big thing? We explore ways to be your best self with model Natalia Elenkina.

Ever feel like you are stuck in a rut? Like you are working your most complex and getting nothing in return? Do you think that your life is spiraling away from you and want to take back control? Then welcome to living your best life 101: how to be the best version of yourself, with Natalia Elenkina.

Who is Natalia Elenkina?

Natalia is a Russian model who started her career as a regular gal living everyday life. One day, she uploaded a photo to Instagram and just about broke the internet. Before long, job offers were pouring in for modeling roles around the world. Natalia found herself going big league overnight, jet-setting to one country than another, living the life of an international model.

Of course, it wasn’t all rose-tinted glasses and living the high life. Natalia says she has had to avoid just as many pitfalls as the next person along the way. The high life comes with the threat of drugs, the lure of Hollywood, and a working schedule that goes beyond 16 hours a day at least once a week.

Natalia has overcome all of this to amass some 56 thousand Instagram followers – and growing. So, what’s her advice on getting what you want in life? 

Natalia’s Advice on Getting What you Want

To get what you want, Natalia says you need to be active. You can’t just do nothing and expect the world to bring you what you want. Proactive people go out and make things happen for themselves. If you apply this thinking every day and everything in your life you feel needs improvement, you will soon find yourself on a clear path to success.

“It starts with the small things; will I eat the cake? Will I get up earlier… and then it applies to bigger things: will I study for this career, or apply for this job? Before long, your whole life is changed because you decided to chase your dreams.”

Natalia Elenkina knows that the things you want don’t just happen – not without work. If you have a goal, you should plan how to achieve that goal, one step at a time.

Say you want to be an astronaut, a secret agent, or a rock star; you will only achieve these goals if you break them down into achievable portions.

To be a Rockstar, you need to learn an instrument. Once you have learned your instrument well enough, you need a band. When you have a band, you need good songs and then an agent, and so forth. Life is all about bite-sized chunks. If you manage the moments, they will add up to time well spent getting what you want!

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