Rewiring Your Brain for Success

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Rewiring Your Brain for Success

Did you know that your brain isn’t really “hardwired” to perform in preset ways? In fact, your brain is “softwired” by experience to become what it is now. Moreover, you can actually rewire some parts of your brain to focus more on the positive things in your life, remain composed during a crisis, or to even improve your relationship with people close to you.

Below are some ways that you can try to rewire your brain and train it for success:

Let your brain know exactly what it is that you want by visualizing the end result through receptive words or phrases.

You can rewire your brain by telling your brain what you want to achieve through the use of clear, defined, descriptive, and strong words.

In this case, receptive words, also called sensory words, are more appealing compared to ordinary words because it makes your brain see, smell, taste, hear, or feel what it is that you are trying to convey. So, visualizing the end result through sensory words or phrases can become your secret to success.

After determining what it is that you want to achieve, try to visualize what the outcome would be when you’ve reached your target. Imagine what it would feel like and how your surroundings would look or sound. Doing those things can help you focus and give you the motivation to always try your best.

However, be careful of what you tell your brain because it can leave a deep mark.  So, make sure to concentrate on the good things.

Convey your goals through positive and encouraging words.

Motivation is perhaps the best way to rewire your brain towards success. Instead of trying to influence your brain by using avoidance goals, try to motivate your brain by using positive goals. Be sure to select your words carefully since it can affect the results. Focus more on things that you want to happen instead of things that you want to avoid.

It is actually quite easy to manipulate your brain into thinking what you want. So, be careful when conveying what you want. Aside from using positive words, another thing that can help in rewiring your brain for success is using encouraging words like “I love doing it.” By doing so, you are putting yourself in the position to be in control.

Associate great pleasure or pain with the achievement of a goal or failure to achieve anything, respectively.

Undeniably, every little thing that we do is being driven by either pleasure or pain. Basically, people are motivated to do something through a promise of reward or a threat of punishment.

You can ensure success by associating your goal with significant pain if you can’t do it or significant pleasure if you could do it. This can actually push you in the right direction toward your goals.

If you’re really set to rewire your brain, these three methods will surely help you get closer to your goals and end result. Obviously, doing these three alone won’t be enough. You need to put in the effort and have the proper knowledge to ensure success.