Sean Doron Shares His Process of Making Cala Comte

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Sean Doron Shares His Process of Making Cala Comte

Minimal house and tech sounds were unexplored territories among DJs before Sean Doron came into the picture. He is one of the most popular DJs in Tel Aviv and Israel. Sean specializes in this genre and wants to make it famous in the whole world. The Israeli artist has already recorded a few of his tracks with labels like Rebellion, Flying circus, Beat Boutique, Bla Bla, Inmotion Music, and Rotary Cocktail Records. 

Sean burst into the scene after his song, Cala Comte, became popular. According to Sean, “Cala Comte has an angelic slice of minimal but deep grooves. The beats are meant to take listeners to a state of trance.” But how did he create such a unique song that is not just famous in Tel Aviv but also among other party-goers in the world? The master creator shares his experience of creating the song.

Finding a peaceful location

“I like to work in a calm and quiet place far away from city life. I think that’s what helps me create tunes that sound so different from one another. When I was making Cala Comte, I dedicated a lot of time to each tune, beat, and synth. I planned to infuse minimal music with real machine soul. Fortunately, I was able to record multiple tunes that I later mixed to develop Cala Comte.”

Many people say that it takes Cala Comte some time to build its angelic vibes. You may not feel the difference between Cala Comte and other songs of Sean if you hear it once. But once you listen to it a few times, you will get into the groove. Sean tries to take his listeners to a seven-minute journey through his ethereal, floaty tunes that funnel through various dreamy breakdowns. 

The hypnotizing effect of Cala Comte 

Most people will say that songs can’t have a hypnotizing effect. But you may want to change your mind once you hear Cala Comte. Sean, in one of his interviews after the release of Cala Comte, said, “I don’t know about the song’s hypnotizing effect, but yeah, people tell me that they seem to remain fixated for seven minutes. I think the haunting vocals and dreamy melody make the song so captivating. And I’m happy that people are talking about the song so much. It means they love my song.”

A lot of hard work goes into creating this type of music. The massive success of Cala Comte shows that Sean’s hard work paid off, especially when his followers say that the song hypnotizes them for seven minutes.

Tel Aviv is a city where you can party every night. It is the hub for party-goers. And DJs like Sean are responsible for making the nightlife in Tel Aviv lively and fun because most of the young crowd visits clubs where these famous artists play. Apart from playing in his hometown, Sean often gets invitations from fashion shows and music festivals in Nyc, Ibiza, Miami, Tulum, Mykonos, and more

He has a massive fan following around the world that craves the release of his albums every year.