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Six Ways Boomers Can Stay Connected During Quarantine

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Six Ways Boomers Can Stay Connected During Quarantine

Baby boomers had an active social life before the coronavirus pandemic abruptly interrupted our happy and busy routines. As social distancing and quarantining are a must to help stop the spread of coronavirus, it is natural and inevitable for all of us to feel lonely, secluded, and low these days. Watching the news all the time also adds to the tension piling up.

Since we can’t physically be meeting one another, technological advancement is proving to be very helpful here. We can socialize safely and have a feeling of connection through it. So, what do you think we can do to stay connected with our circle during quarantine? Well, here are six virtual offerings for you that you can avail of.


You can enjoy NetFlix parties. Decide on watching a movie of your choice at mutual time preference and discuss it later with your movie partners. You can video call while watching and use Skype or Facetime. There are several custom t-shirts out there that you can buy and wear when you connect to your virtual buddies. Those custom t-shirts are for you boomers, also available in 70s-style fashion, having memes and catchy texts written on them about quarantine. You can also watch old movies that bring back memories of your happy times associated with them.


As we all know we can’t eat out in restaurants with this pandemic still going on, you can still enjoy the feel of eating together. Use social media platforms and different applications to connect and talk to your loved ones during your cooking time. Then, share pictures and videos of you having the meal and send them recipes. You can also drop by and deliver your loved ones home-cooked food to show love and affection, but don’t make it a physical get-together. They can then re-make those recipes and thank you for sharing them with them. Similarly, birthdays, anniversaries, and such events can also be celebrated virtually. You can also cook the same recipe together at the same time and see whose recipe turns out better.


You can maintain your P without having to go to the gym now. Gather your partners who are interested in becoming physically healthy and then you can enjoy daily workout sessions at a fixed time. It can be a friendly hour of relief and complete satisfaction, relieving you of the stress and loneliness while keeping you fit at the same time. You can wear custom t-shirts when you exercise with your mates. You can do pushups, use a cycling machine and treadmill, or simply do lunges and squats. This can ensure a sense of connectivity and a healthy competition of who is ahead of the other. You can pass commentary on how well the other is doing. It can regulate motivation and keep you going.


Reading a book can revitalize your mind. If before quarantine you put behind many books because you were not free to read them, now is the time. Now, there is enough time to do all the relaxing things your mind needs. Avoid watching TV, specifically news, all the time, and try to find out new activities do to together with your family members or with virtual loved ones. You can later share opinions about the books you read and also share your favorite and worst parts as you read along.


Boomers! You need not worry about anything now. Sewing is something that all almost boomers are pro at. You can design custom t-shirts, scarves, ties, tops, or bags for fun. Start a video call with your friends or family members and sew together. There are tons of designs and collections available on the internet. Go for it and explore your taste to start this healthy and fun activity to keep you engrossed and smiling.


You can promote your skills and volunteer for social work to bring betterment to society as well as ensuring your wellbeing through it. You can become a virtual teacher, tutor, assistant, or someone helpful to others online. Find out what you can offer to society by connecting with those in need and deliver your best. You can also become a freelancer to stay busy productively in quarantine. This can remove your stress and give you happy vibes.

So, you see there is still a lot that can be done. These choices are surely going to help you boomers to make the most of the present time when everything is not the same as it was before. Make healthy and achievable targets to complete pending work and feel mentally and physically better and happy.